[opendtv] Samsung Buys Boxee; Jumps into Over-the-Top Video Melee

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July 3, 2013, 1:07 p.m. EDT
Samsung Buys Boxee; Jumps into Over-the-Top Video Melee

It probably had to happen sooner or later - and in technology, sooner is always 
better. A report at TechCrunch cites sources who have told the tech-gazing 
website that Samsung Electronics has acquired Israel-based startup Boxee for 
$30 million. Boxee makes a hardware device that streams over-the-air broadcast 
HD channels and gives users the ability to record the program for later viewing.

The Boxee device is similar to Apple TV from Apple Inc., Google TV from Google 
Inc., and devices from other players including Roku.

At a $30 million buyout price, Boxee will just barely repay its early investors 
with a little left over to share out among employees. The big advantage for 
Boxee is that it now belongs to a well-endowed parent that can help it build a 
solid business. For Samsung, the acquisition shortens the time it would take 
the Korean giant to get its own device into the market.  
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