[opendtv] Re: Rogers Hits Milestone with over 200,000 HDTV Customers

  • From: "Bob Miller" <robmxa@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 21:38:43 -0500

Why me? I have no argument with the success of HDTV in Canada
delivered via cable. My only problem is with 8-VSB modulation and
MPEG2 and the negative effect they have and will have on OTA

Maybe I am missing your point.

Bob Miller

On 12/7/06, John Golitsis <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This one's for Mr. Miller.  Keep in mind that Rogers only serves parts of

Rogers Hits Milestone with over 200,000 High Definition Television Customers
    With Holiday Sales of High Definition Televisions Expected to Hit Record
    Setting Highs, Consumers are now Demanding the Services Needed to

    TORONTO, Dec. 7 /CNW/ - Rogers Cable Communications Inc. announced today
that its High Definition Television (HDTV) service has seen tremendous
in the last year with the most HD subscribers in Canada. Since November
Rogers HDTV customers have more than doubled with over 200,000 HDTV
now subscribing to the service. As well, Rogers HDTV customers can select
a growing list of HD channels.
    "High definition allows consumers to take full advantage of the superior
capabilities of today's television technology and delivers a true to life
viewing experience," said Carmine Cinerari, Vice President, Consumer
Division, Sharp Electronics of Canada. "HD is the future of television, and
the increase in sales of high definition Sharp AQUOS televisions this
season is any indication, there is definitely a growing demand for HD ready
units across Canada."
    Rogers expects continued growth of HD and before the end of the year
be adding the following HD channels to its programming:


    HD Channel                  Sample Programming

    National Geographic HD      Seconds from Disaster, Megastructures and

    Showcase HD                 CSI and CSI Miami, along with Rescue Me,
                                Weeds, The L-Word, Dead Like Me, plus a
                                new series Rent-a-Goalie

    WGN HD                      Chicago Bulls basketball, Chicago Cubs
                                Baseball, 24, Scrubs and more

    HD On Demand                A growing library of high definition movies


    "Rogers continues to offer its customers the best in high definition TV
with the most free HD content in Canada," said David Purdy, Vice President
General Manager, Television Services for Rogers Cable Inc. "With the growing
customer appetite for high definition programming, customers can expect to
an expanded line up of HD programming in areas such as movies, sports,
and education in 2007."
    Rogers HD Customers need only to connect their HD terminal to their HD
HD-Ready TV and get instant access to 16 FREE HD channels such as Global TV,
City TV, CTV and major Primetime U.S. Networks. With access to the most FREE
HD Programming, offering up to 34 HDTV channels and the commitment to
innovative ways of delivering the HD experience to its customers, it is
why Rogers is the No.1 provider of HD in Canada.
    Also growing rapidly is the number of customers who are choosing the
Personal TV experience with over 1 in 3 new HDTV customers adding an HDPVR
their service in 2006. Among the many features of the Rogers HD PVR digital
terminal is the dual tuner (which allows customers to watch one show while
recording another or watch a recorded show, while recording two other shows
the same time), pause, rewind and instant replay live television, and record
up to 20 hours of HDTV programming or 90 hours of regular television
programming. Plus, with the picture-in-picture feature, customers can watch
and record one show at the same time and see another show playing in the
corner of the television screen.
    In addition to its HDTV offering, Rogers offers digital cable customers
the most movies, the most sports, the most multicultural services and more
than 3000 titles on Video on Demand (VOD), which is exclusive to cable.

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