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ABC News Goes High-Def

By Allison Romano -- Broadcasting & Cable, 5/11/2005 10:42:00 AM

In the skies above Los Angeles, KABC is giving viewers the market's 
sharpest pictures of traffic snarls and car chases. That is because 
the ABC-owned station is flying the market's first HD-equipped 
helicopter, dubbed Air7HD.

Gannett Broadcasting's tech-savvy KUSA Denver is the only other local 
broadcast station flying an HD chopper. In L.A., KABC will use the 
new helicopter as its primary aircraft. The station also has options 
to use two other choppers, although they are standard definition. 

The helicopter is KABC's first foray into HD for its local news. 
"This seemed like a great way to start making our way to all high 
definition," says News Director Cheryl Fair. Because the HD cameras 
provide a clearer picture, she added, "it is beneficial for people 
with HD sets and standard definition sets too."

KABC is leasing the chopper from Helinet Aviation Services. The 
station would not comment on the cost of the new aircraft, but 
high-definition equipment is usually about 10% more than standard 
definition gear.

To introduce viewers to the new technology, KABC ran a series of 
teaser promotions for four days, promising "something would change 
and improve our breaking news," VP of Programming, Advertising and 
Promotion Bill Burton says. Then on Monday, the chopper's first day 
in flight, the station featured it in stories on the early evening 
and 11 p.m. news. The reports, Burton says, also explained the 
advantages of high def TV and how viewers can receive it.

"It was important that viewers understand what this is and why we did 
it. This enhances our breaking-news brand," Fair says.

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