[opendtv] Re: NBC, Microsoft Raise The 'Broadcast Flag'

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Oops, I was aware of it late on the second day after it appeared on the EFF
web site, but before the attempt was made to record the program in question.

This has been misreported -- possibly intentionally -- from the start.

John Willkie

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You are SO WRONG, and so is Frank Beacham.

As I've previously mentioned, one viewer having one problem on one computer
with two broadcasts does not a problem make, and all we know is that he had
a problem recording a program.  Perhaps two, but I'm starting to doubt that.

The truth is that I was made aware of this 'hot' issue three days before
this attempt to record was made.  I see from the EFF web site that I was
made aware of it two days before it was mentioned on the EFF web site.

The alleged recording came later.  So, EFF pimped for it, and only one
person ever noted an issue.  Isn't that special!  By the way, I have offered
my services to Danny O'Brien of EFF (I didn't say volunteer) if they
actually get transport streams that can't be recorded.  (Note the double

The FLAG (redistribution control descriptor) NEVER implied that you couldn't
record, but the CGMS bits that can be found in a video elementary stream
does permit a station to assert copy all/copy once/copy never.

And, of course, nobody really listens to Bert, except for the humor release
and as a foil.

John Willkie

Note: I have in the past and I will in the future write for Broadcast
Engineering.  Maybe I'll pitch a column to TV technology as well.

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