[opendtv] My TV Will Never Be the Same

  • From: "Stephen W. Long" <longsw@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 22:05:16 -0500

It takes a lot to make me say, Wow, that is cool technology.

This evening I hooked up my brand new LG Blu Ray with Netflix streaming.  In
about 5 minutes of set up I was able to queue up several movies / TV series
from the Netflix server.  I downloaded a HD version of the TV series Heroes.
Download took maybe 10 seconds, then we started watching - in HD.  All of
this for $9.99 a month (would have been 8.99 but I want to get Blu Ray
movies in the mail).

I will now be canceling my DirecTV HBO, etc. subscription.  I use to pay
almost $50/mo for HBO/Showtime/Max, etc.  Why would I ever watch need to pay
HBO or watch live cr_p TV again?  I can now use my DirecTV DVR for
Discovery, CNN, local news, etc., all in HD, whenever I want to watch.  I
can now get nearly any movie I want via download in seconds or wait a day or
so for a HD disk in the mail.

TV for me has now changed forever.  Think about the technology involved -
LCD HD TV, HD DVR, HD Disk Player, MPEG-2 MP@HL, H.264 (DirecTV, probably
Netflix as well), 20Mbps Internet via cable (no FIOS in my DC neighborhood).
We have four HDTVs in the house plus one SD set in the kitchen.  All sets
have HD DirecTV, Family room has the LG Blue Ray with Netflix.  Kitchen TV
is TBD - will hook up my government cheese ATSC cr_p box to have sound for
my dog to listen to during the day - about all the ATSC box is good for -
too many break-ups to enjoy watching the news, etc.  We are also moving our
phone to MagicJack - $29 a year for unlimited phone service.  Quality is
pretty good.  RCN 20Mbps cable internet costs about $60/month.  Teenage son
wanted the fastest possible for his games so we indulged him - supports the
move to the MagicJack phone and the Netflix download - it was a good
decision to get the fastest available.

So, TV is enjoyable again in my house - to hell with ATSC - those bast__s
are totally irrelevant in my household.  Were I not concerned for the Nation
and what happens during emergencies, when we really need reliable TV service
to help the public, I would no longer care what happens to DTV.  I really
hope to laugh my a__ off on transition day in Feb.

Stephen Long

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