[opendtv] Finding the Right Big-Screen Television Set

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December 7, 2005
Finding the Right Big-Screen Television Set


Long after the Christmas trees have been taken down and the menorahs 
packed away, that television set you purchased as a holiday gift will 
still be around, looming over your family room for years. It's likely 
to long outlast all those iPods and digital cameras and game consoles 
flying off the store shelves right now. So you want to get the right 
TV set this time around. Do-overs are expensive if you don't.

Unfortunately, shopping for a television set is much, much harder 
than it used to be. The TV aisles in your local electronics store are 
like exotic galleries packed with confusing acronyms -- LCD, HDTV, 
DLP -- and staffed by clerks who often are either clueless, or so 
geeky, that they can't help much. This is not a great situation when 
you're spending thousands of dollars on a TV, not the hundreds people 
used to spend.

So, here's a rough, quick guide to buying a television this holiday 
season. Our aim is to provide a very basic cheat sheet so you can at 
least wade through the basics and talk to the salespeople 
intelligently. For greater detail, we suggest buying one of those 
glossy magazines that covers new TVs in depth. Even if you don't 
actually purchase the set at a store and instead opt to buy it 
online, we suggest visiting the store to see the TV so that you can 
judge its performance in person.



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