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The FCC requires a station to notify the commission if they don't broadcast
for more than 30 continuous days.  Nothing new with that, and it doesn't
just pertain to tv, or DTV.  

These new rules -- when they go into effect -- expand that a bit, but add in
viewer notification.

Either the excerpter or you didn't read correctly.  Nothing in the rules
permits VHF stations to broadcast at up to 1 MW.  Big caveat there.  Among
other things, it would violate many treaties. (Which have more power than
laws or regulations.)

John Willkie

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The short answer to a previous question I had is that broadcasters are
given from November 18, 2008 to February 18 2009, to switch over to
their new all-digital service. No flash cuts needed here. The station
can go as far as switching off analog in that period. It must notify the
FCC and its viewers, but the station needs no prior approval.

(I didn't know that even before these new rules, broadcasters were
allowed to switch off analog service for up to 30 days, to built the DTT
facility. FCC needed notification, but no prior approval was necessary.)

In Appendix B, seems like any UHF DTV station can now request an
increase in ERP up to 1 MW, without having to show that it meets a long
list of caveats.

So, it looks like we could see analog OTA TV going off this coming
November, on a station by station basis. Kind of gets the adrenaline


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