[opendtv] EU penalties against Microsoft upheld

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A few years ago, the Internet Explorer browser was the
issue. Now it's the media player. I wonder why folks focus
on these individual apps, when there are so many others
they could just as easily name. Zip utilities, disc
utilties, e-mail client, text editor, IP protocol stack,
and on and on, all stuff added to Windows. The only
reversal of that trend was when QBasic was deleted from
the OS distribution CD-ROM, with WinXP, and nothing was
bundled in there to take its place.


EU penalties against Microsoft upheld
By EE Times
December 22, 2004 (7:49 AM EST)
URL: http://www.eet.com/article/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=3D56200008

WASHINGTON - Microsoft Corp. has lost its appeal of an
European Union ruling that it violated European antitrust

The decision by the EU Court of First Instance in
Luxembourg on Wednesday (Dec. 22) means Microsoft must
sell a European version of Windows without the Windows
Media Player.

Until a final appeal in the antitrust case is heard in
the next two years, the software giant will also be
required to disclose parts of its Windows source code.

Microsoft's appeal stems from a March ruling by the EU's
Competition Committee that imposed sanctions and a large
fine for violating European antitrust laws. Microsoft
was seeking a preliminary injunction that would have
delayed the ruling taking effect while its appeal was
being heard.

"Microsoft has not demonstrated specifically that it
might suffer serious and irreparable damage," Court of
First Instance President Bo Vesterdorf said.

Nicholas Economides, an economics professor at New York
University who specializes in antitrust law, said the
Luxembourg court's ruling upholding penalties imposed
by the EU means Microsoft will have to produce a
stripped-down version of Windows in Europe and pay the
largest fine in EU history - $665.4 million.

However, the ruling by the second highest EU court can
still be appealed to the European Court of Justice.

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