[opendtv] 1080p@60 camescopes are becoming mass market items

  • From: Olivier Houot <olho_avatar_i@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 23:40:10 +0100

I haven't monitored the list so frequently during those christmas holidays, so sorry it this is old news:

The EX-F1 from Casio does 1080p@60

It can also be used to do high speed shooting up to 1200fps (with reduced resolution) :

It would seem the video mode is only 60 fields for seconds, not frames. Photo mode offers 60 frames per second, but only for 1 second. However to me it means the sensor has true 1080@60p capability and since the codec can handle 60i, only a factor of two is needed to record 1080@60p for an extended period of time. This should not be an obstacle for long. Perhaps the capability is there even today, but since only 60i exists as a standard...

Samsung has a 1080p@30 device

Since those devices can be connected directly to an HDTV set or projector, the limitation of a 6 or 8 Mhz transmission channel does not apply. However, H.264 is used for compression, if only for storage considerations.

Possibly those early devices do not fully push the format to its limits, but considering the rapid evolution of storage technology, it should be possible to reduce compression ratios to the point that consumers get to see the "real 1080p thing" at home at last in a near future.

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