[openbeosnetteam] Re: Dragonfly or FreeBSD nestack? was Re: Mailing lists and network team questions

  • From: Philippe Houdoin <philippe.houdoin@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosnetteam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 11:34:33 +0100

Quoting Waldemar Kornewald:

> > Well, that's not a long list. And this is a port after all - why do you
> > think the next one would be less work than fixing those bugs?
> > I mean I don't like what I see whenever I look into our networking
> > stack code - but that doesn't mean it's really that bad code - just
> > badly written :)
> Let's make the list a little bit longer. :)
> * not dead-lock free
> * unstable (also: old, unfixed bugs)
> * security issues!!! (old, unfixed vulnerabilities)


> * hacky, ugly, difficult to understand

I guess many used to BeOS/Haiku code will still find even the latest, reworked
FreeBSD net stack code the same.

> * non-blocking sockets don't work

Huh? I though we fixed this issue long time ago.

> * functionality got lost (e.g.: routing), often because of modularity
> * hard to interface with netstack

But this interface is up to us to improve. We're free to do what we want here.
The /dev/net/stack main entry will stay, even with a monolithic freesbd
netstack working behind it. And we have to introduce more live updates to
support userland features, like ppp_up deskbar notifier. Nothing in the FreeBSD
netstack code bring us such support. That's something we must keep, because it
will protect userland API from changes in the core stack.

> * even DHCP is missing! :(

Yeah, but I'm the one to blame for that, I never help to integrate it in our
stack as I should have the guy who submit us one possible implementation.

> For R1.x we will also want to have:
> * WiFi
> * IPv6
> * IPsec
> * VPN
> * WiMAX
> * Bluetooth
> * ...

Wifi support for R1, yeah. The rest is really R2.

> So, since LWKT and CPU-affinity are not acceptable let's simply port
> FreeBSD. That should be much easier, anyway.

That's my feeling too.
But it should block quick and dirty bug fix to our current code.
That's the magic of branching development!

- Philippe

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