[openbeosmediakit] Audio Mixer 2 bug

  • From: "Zenja Solaja" <zenja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosmediakit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 21:41:23 +1000 EST

Hi Marcus (and everyone else).  I've noticed a weird bug with the new 
audio mixer (using the AC97 ICH driver, nForce 2 chipset).
When you access the Media preference app, navigate to AC97 (ICH) 
section of the audio settings prefernce (just below the mixer section).  
When I update the Frame Rate (i dont have to change it, all I do is 
select the current setting again ie. if it was set to 48 KHz, I set it 
to 48KHz again, so all I really do is force an update), the sound gets 
corrupted, with a very loud white noise coming from the speakers.  
Everything reverts back to normal after I restart the Media server.  
This behaviour only occurs with the new audio mixer, with the stock R5 
Pro mixer there is no sound corruption.

Other than that, the mixer seems to work very well.  The sound still 
isn't crystal clear compared to what I get from Win2K (but I dont use 
the AC97 circuitry under Windows, I use the Soundstorm portion and 
digital SPDIF out), ie. it sounds slightly tinny, but I'm just happy 
that I get any sound out of the chipset under BeOS at all.

PS - another thing, but that is probably an AC97 driver thing.  If I 
boot into BeOS after using Windows (restart), the AC97 driver fails to 
initialise properly, and under Media preferences it doesn't display an 
entry for Audio Out.  If I do a cold start into BeOS, everything is 
detected properly.  This is probably due to a chipset state which isn't 
properly reset after Windows initialises it, but a cold boot fixes it.  
I can work around it, so its not an issue for me.

Take care everyone.

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