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  • Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 13:23:38 +0200

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> Personally I like Jam. It is certainly not perfect, but it has some
> features, that make it superior over make, especially when it comes to
> dependency analysis or multiple-job builds (newer gmake versions seem to
> address the latter though). And the rule based approach is certainly a
> nice thingy too.

I agree :)

> As it appears to me most of the issues people are having result from the
> grist concept and the somewhat inconsistent automatic adding/not adding of
> grist to rule parameters.

This is all a matter of the Jambase file, which is always up for
improvements. I was thinking of creating a new Jambase file for OBOS, but
ended up just creating a Jamrules file. However, now there's some more
"muscle" behind the build team, it might be worth investigating creating a
more generally "correct" Jambase file, as it was missing a lot of features
anyway (like shared library support and the like).

> CU, Ingo



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