[obol] 01/29/13 - Wallowa County, Joseph, OR : LITTLE BUNTING addendum

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Birders -
I do not have too much more to add regarding the Joseph, OR., LITTLE  
BUNTING.   Yesterday (1/29), it was seen two different times (8:57 AM  & 11:51 
AM), where Kyle Bratcher first re-found it, and in three  different times 
sporadically (10:50 - 11:20 AM),  in two neighboring yards  where I observed 
All sightings have come from only an approximate 1  block diameter; 
however, it took four birders about 41/2 hours to find it 5  times in two days. 
Kendrick Moholt, from Lostine, OR., arrived just in  time, to catch it while it 
was being cooperative, the last sighting of the  day, that I am aware of. 

Here is Craig Tumer's [Thanks again Craig!] link to the  map (again), that 
shows the locations where the bunting was observed  yesterday and early this 

After I saw the bird the first time (9:12 AM), and was able to quickly  
study over it's finer details with binoculars; I figured I would try to get a  
least one or two pictures.  I unfortunately never got very close to the  
bird, I was thoughtlessly free-handing the shots, it was overcast and cold,  
but I took 137 snaps of this bird.  I got a few interesting angles,  albiet 
poor quality, missed a in-flight series, and got a handful of  diagnostic 
photos.  One of the better ones is embedded in my ebird  submission for this 
search, which can be viewed here:    
While I walked the neighborhood, if anyone even looked at my binoculars, I  
told them what I was doing and why I was there.  I knocked on the door of  
100 S. College and spoke with Genene Kingsford, so she is on the same page,  
along with many of the neighbors.  I showed her a picture of the  LITTLE 
BUNTING and explained that she may be seeing lots of folks with  binoculars, 
scopes, and cameras around.   I didn't talk to  everyone, so remember this is 
their neighborhood and you are a guest.  When  it is appropriate, I would 
also suggest informing businesses and individuals  that you are visiting 
their town to look at their birds.  I even  started off the morning sharing my 
birding intentions to my interested sever at  breakfast in La Grande and 
accidentally explaining to the not-so- interested gas  station attendant in 
Enterprise in the afternoon.  Kendrick was going the  talk to the local 
newspaper in Joseph.  Wow, this was a life bird for  me and I only had to drive 
148.2 miles from home!  Whether you keep lists  or not, if you like looking at 
birds, go see this one.  Don't  procrastinate, there are very few birds quite 
like it in Oregon,  Washington, the Pacific Northwest, or North America, 
for that  matter.  If you come through, La Grande feel free to call,  e-mail, 
or stop by the shop.  I always enjoy talking about birds with other  
interested folks.  Drive safe, enjoy the process, be patient, and good  skill & 
good luck! 
Good birding,
- Trent  
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