[nycfoxsig] New York City Visual Foxpro Meeting Thurs, June 5 , 7 pm

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New York City Visual Foxpro (VFPUGNYC) 

Meets on Thursday, June 5 , at 7 pm , in room 803, NYU's Silver building

 (FYI - the next scheduled meeting after this will be August 7, 2008.)

Our guest speaker will be Jay Berardinelli, President of Docman Corporation,

a custom software developer based in NYC.

Topic will be: Using Microsoft SQL from VFP

Jay discusses the way he designs systems to use Microsoft SQL without the
need for DBC's and
remote views, thus eliminating the usual headaches that occur when the SQL
schema changes, 
and the remote views are all broken.

Various techniques will be demonstrated to show how to get a record from the
server, and update it.  
Other discussion points include: cursor adapters, SQL pass thru, error
parametized SQL commands, SQL connection strings, calling SQL stored
procedures, audit trails, plus much more.

Jay has been programming and designing systems since 1980, and is considered
an expert in the use of Visual Foxpro,  having worked with it since its
inception.  In addition to custom software development, 
Docman Corporation also offers full turnkey office automation, including the
sale and support of equipment 
(servers, pc's, networks, and phone systems).

The meeting will be held in (or near) room #803 in the NYU Main/Silver
building, at 7 pm. 

The building is on the northeast corner of Washington Square, the entrance
being on Waverly Place. 

Go to the guard station inside for directions. Bring photo ID. 


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