[nycfoxsig] Re: Hey Jay... what's up with this? -- table driven grids

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  • Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2007 18:55:05 -0500

Got it, thanks. Somehow or other I didn't set the .RecordSource because I was 
afraid that the fox would start
autoloading column objects. I'm using .AddColumn() rather than .AddObject().... 
Am I a missing something else?


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I don't touch the bindcontrols property, its set to the default.

the table or cursor needs to be opened before you programmatically assign the 
objects to the grid.
i use this at the start of my class to setup the grid
grid1.RecordSource= alias1
grid1.ColumnCount=0    && insure that no columns
*i can also assign others if i want, or set the colors in the grid object.

i use a class:  grid1.AddObject(ccol,'GRID_COL')  to add a column to the grid, 
where ccol is the name of the
*heres an abstract of code that i use to build each column
    With grid1.&ccol
            .header1.Caption= Alltrim(GridS.Heading)
            .Width = GridS.Width

            If .edit_mode=0 And GridS.col_type<>'check'    &&cant do this for 
check boxes
                *for readonly fields except checkboxes
                    .ControlSource = "' '+ALLTRIM("+Alltrim(GridS.cs)+")"
                   *assigned the quote above as is -- is required for my 
concept to work. this also makes it
                .ControlSource = Alltrim(GridS.cs)

hopefully that will get you started.

Lew wrote: 

Hi Jay:
Started playing with table driven grids. Things went ok until I started with 
multiple use's for the same
table, set filters, etc... until I discovered setting bindcontrols to .f. while 
loading the col definitions.
When the entire form is good to go, setting bindcontrols .t. seems to work.  
Any idea what up with this?

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