[noteworthynews] NoteWorthy for OS X Update/Pre-buy special

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  • Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 18:00:19 -0400

NoteWorthy for OS X Beta Progress
Thanks to a number of  NoteWorthy owners, plus a number of new folks, 
we have fixed a number of issues with NoteWorthy for OS X.  However, 
all in all, the number of problems reported is very small, and we 
hope to have a commercial release very soon!

Upgrading to Version 2 for OS X

Some of you who use NoteWorthy Version 1 for Macintosh may wish to 
upgrade to Version 2, which offers OS X support.   (Note that 
datafiles opened with v2 will no longer be readable by v1, so PLEASE 
are mainly using OS X now, this will save you having to use one of 
the remaining Classic applications on your desktop.

We should note, however, that Version 2 does NOT have a substantial 
new feature set.  We debated whether to number it as a major or a 
minor release, and decided on a major numbering largely because of 
the change in datafile architecture.  If you are satisfied with how 
Version 1 is working for you today, you may be happy not upgrading at 
this time.

Should you wish to upgrade, we are currently offering a very low 
upgrade price of $14.95.  We have not determined what the final 
release price will be, but it will certainly be considerably higher 
than that.  You can upgrade online at 
https://usd.swreg.org/soft_shop/1988/shopscr13.shtml.  Your keycode 
will arrive in the email, as always, but will be delayed up to three 
days while we verify your status as a registered owner.  (This offer 
applies to Mac OS owners of NoteWorthy.  We do not currently have a 
"crossgrade" price for Windows owners.)

This price is effective immediately, even though Version 2 is still 
in late beta.  (You can, of course, try out the software before 
buying it.  It can be downloaded from our website, 

OS X Pre-Buy

We are also allowing new users to pre-buy NoteWorthy Virtual 
Notecards 2 for Mac/OS X at the lowest price we've ever offered a 
NoteWorthy product -- $39.00.  This price will be in effect ONLY 
while the program is still in Beta, as it is a "pre-buy" price.  If 
you have friends who might be interested in this, they can get this 
price through links at our website, or at 
https://usd.swreg.org/soft_shop/1988/shopscr13.shtml.  (If you own 
NoteWorthy for Windows and would like to own the Mac version as well, 
this is your chance!)

Even Cheaper ways....

As always, we would like to get NoteWorthy to academic users without 
direct cost to you, but selling site licenses to your school.  If you 
want NoteWorthy at your institution, please tell your IT personnel to 
look into site licensing and other promotions at our website, 

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