The relevance of the United Nations

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The World: SEPT.2002: George Bush President of the USA has declared that
if the United Nations do not act in accordance with US policy towards
IRAQ , the USA and Britain would go it alone in a war against Saddam
Hussein. Bush declared that the relevance of the United nations was at
stake if IRAQ could defy it with impunity. This he said despite the fact
that IRAQ has now proposed to allow UN weapons inspectors into the
country unconditionally. This is also despite the fact that RUSSIA and
FRANCE are both satisfied with the bona fides of IRAQ. 

What BUSH fails to see is that if the UN accepts the IRAQI offer and the
USA and Britain see it fit to act against IRAQ on some pretence they
will be acting in violation of and in contempt of a UN decision. In that
event the United Nations may well, if it is indeed relevant, have to
come to the military defence of IRAQ. That, dear world, is the crux of
the matter. 

Bush is not bluffing. He is saying that he and Blair will do as they
please. The rest of the UN world has to decide: 

1. To go along with and adopt the US/Britain resolution on IRAQ in order
to save face and project their relevance as a world body or, 

2. Refuse to go along with the US/Britain resolve, and face the prospect
of being sidelined in which event the Un would lose its relevance or 

3. Chose to dispatch UN troops, be it a token force to defend IRAQ, in
which event the US/Britain alliance will have to bombard UN troops or
desist from their action against IRAQ. In this scenario the UN could
assert its relevance. This would in effect mean that US/Britain would be
at war with the rest of the world. 

Bush is intimidating the rest of the world and he is banking on the UN
going along with him to avoid becoming irrelevant or to avoid the
inevitable option of attempting to confront the US/Britain alliance
militarily in token or otherwise, if either is at all possible. 

The fact is that the Unholy Trinity of The USA, Britain and Israel,
have, in no uncertain terms, told the rest of the world - "We dictate.
We rule". 

The Rest of the World must now realise that this Anti-Christian approach
is the very epitome of Evil which threatens just not IRAQ and PALESTINE.
It is a threat to the Rest of the World. A new political, economic and
social ball game would have to be played by the Rest of the World.
Nelson Mandela is the only brave and forthright politician who has
declared, in no uncertain terms, that the USA cannot be allowed to rule
the world. 

Perhaps Putin has woken to a new reality.France has also come forward.
We the ordinary citizens of the world saw the picture a long time ago.
The problem was that world leaders are part of the US/Britain/Israel
jigsaw. The trinity shove them around and influences the roles each
piece would play. Suddenly it is now dawning on these pieces that they
cannot allow themselves to be the mere pawns of this Unholy Threesome,
and that their statehoods, their independence, their cultures, dreams
and ambitions cannot be subservient to the will of one super-power. The
USA/Britain, drew the rest of the World into their Afghanistan
adventure.The result was-murdered Taliban prisoners , prisoners of war
or unlawful combatants held indefinitely , suspects flitted away to
undisclosed locations, martial courts for foreigners.. Look back and ask
serious questions about the delays in acting in the Balkans.Think about
the US/Indian friendship vis a vis Pakistan. Think about why Pakistan
decided it was safer to play ball with Bush than to attempt to stay out
of the conflict. The only reality is that Pakistan has nuclear weapons
and that is it's guarantee to a continued existence. 

Maybe it is time that China decided to join the international action.
After all it is part of the REST OF THE WORLD. 

And what of us the small countries with only our matches, our tyres and
our stones? Adopt the stance of our beloved past president but president
forever- Nelson Mandela, condemn the US and its henchmen, and call for
international resistance to world domination by any one country.
Consider the expulsion of the USA and Britain from the United
Nations.Yes there are problems. They are the problems. But you have to
draw the line somewhere. That line will lead you with combined strength.
It may lead you to your own economic freedom, revitalise your will to
act as men and not as international slaves. The rest of the world have
enough countries to retain the identity of the United Nations. 

If you fail to take this course the United nations would be nothing but
the farcical mouthpiece of the USA, Britain and Israel. They would
dictate your foreign policy, your economic policy, and your lives. Take
a look at your newsroom archives. Tony Blair said in South Africa that
if the Un does not act against IRAQ "those of (us) who have the will ,
will do so". He said that in our South African Parliament. Nobody rapped
him on the knuckles then. Perhaps its time to do so. 

As for the British people- what do they do on American Independence day?
Did their Prime Minister get an invitation to join the celebrations? Did
the British wave American flags? 

As for the Americans- did they like being bullied by Britain? 

Are we in the throes of major psychological problems with certain world
leaders or are certain first class nations so bored with the mundane
existence of the rich that they need to be all mighty out of some
perverse pleasure. Is it not enough that thousands of IRAQI children
have died, or is this part of the sophisticated strategy of genocide?
What manner of democratic principles pertain when we hear of "regime
changes" wherever the US deems it fit? This is the categorical policy of
the Bush administration. They are, indeed, threatening every nation in
the world. 

Bush wants the world to believe in him. He is the demi-god. His arch
angel is Tony Blair. 

You're either for us or against us. Bush's words. He means it. 

He's the boss, he says.He defies the International Criminal Court. He
seeks congressional approval to act outside the UN just in case the next
President decides to hand him over to that very court for prosecution.
But then, nothing stops the next president from handing over the whole
congressional bunch also. 

The rest of the world can accept that Bush is the boss, or tell him, as
Nelson Mandela told Bill Clinton: "Go and jump into the lake"! 

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