Refuse to share your husband’s bed

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  • Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 10:37:59 +0100

IT wasn’t a joke, the suggestion floated by an angry Arab woman during a live 
TV debate on an Arab satellite channel last week. 

Distressed and saddened by the tragic situation in the occupied Palestinian 
lands and the failure of Arab men to stand up to Israel, the woman asked all 
married Arab women to refuse to share their husbands’ beds! This was to be done 
in protest at the humiliation and surrender to the Israeli occupation forces. 

Arab men, watching the massacre of Palestinians and the destruction of their 
homes and the Palestinian infrastructure at the hands of the criminal soldiers 
of the arch-terrorist, Sharon, kept silent. All they were able to do was to cry 
and wail while demonstrating and shouting empty slogans. They did little more 
than give fiery speeches and recite poetry while sipping tea and watching TV. 

The suggestion by the woman — who actually proclaimed the death of Arab 
manhood, saying that Arab men do not deserve to share their wives’ beds — 
reveals to a large extent the state of impotence, helplessness and humiliation 
that continues to shroud the Arab and Muslim world. Not only that, even Arab 
Christians continue to watch the killing of Palestinians as if they were not 
concerned with the matter at all. 

All that Muslims could do while watching Israeli soldiers demolish mosques and 
prevent worshipers from praying is demonstrate as if demonstrations had 
replaced jihad. 

Christians all over the world watch while Israeli soldiers lay siege to the 
Church of the Nativity, the birthplace of Jesus, but they do nothing for fear 
of antagonizing the Jews. Do men like these deserve to share their wives’ beds? 
The suggestion by that lady was very timely. Maybe one day Arab manhood will 
move to break the wall of fear and silence. 
Source: Al Jazirah, reported by ArabNews

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