Pakistan test-fires Hataf-V

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 Hatf 2 <> 

DERA GHAZI KHAN, May 25: Pakistan successfuly conducted a medium-range
ballistic missile test on Saturday near the Dallana tribal area in
Suleman Range at 9:00am, an official monitoring the system told Dawn. 

The monitoring station was set up at Basti Jarh, some six kilometres
from here on Dera-Quetta road where the residents were not allowed to

Hataf-V, loaded with a mock atomic warhead, hit its target in
Balochistan. The technical teams from the Kahuta Research Laboratory and
the National Defense Complex arrived here a couple of days ago. After
the successful test, the team members distributed sweets among the

Residents of Basti Jarh, where the monitoring station was set up, told
Dawn that the team, comprising more than 50 officials, set up the camp
some five days ago and it was declared a prohibited zone even for the
people of the area. 

The Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission had visited the site
some four days ago. 

Source:  Dawn

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