Islam's Threat to the West

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WASHINGTON - "We do believe Islam is at war with the Christian West."
With that comment, Paul Weyrich and William S. Lind have broken through
a taboo in the entire discussion of the war on terrorism. 

Those who say the threat comes only from "Islamic fundamentalism" or
"Islamic extremism" miss the whole point of the terrorist attacks,
Weyrich and Lind argue. In fact, those who believe the terrorist enemy
is confined only to a few fanatics "misportray the nature of Islam

"War against the unbeliever is as central a doctrine and practice of
Islam as the Virgin birth, the Trinity and Christ's resurrection are
central to Christianity," declares the Free Congress booklet. The study
promises to stir up a new debate as to the very nature of the threat the
U.S. is fighting. Among its findings: 

. Islam is simply "a religion of war." You may protest that your Islamic
neighbor down the street could not possibly be a threat. Free Congress
says you should bear in mind that "there are lax Islamics." Or to put it
another way, the peaceful individual Muslims are out of step with their
religion. They are outsiders looking in. 

. The two principle sources of Islamic belief "ooze war and blood." 

The Koran includes such wording as defining war as "a religious
obligation for the faithful" . "fight and slay the pagans," meaning
non-Muslims . "the punishment of those who wage war against God and his

The Hadith, a collection of sayings from Mohammed, quotes him as saying
there is no deed "which equals Jihad" in reward . that "a single
endeavour [of fighting] in Allah's cause in the forenoon or in the
afternoon is better than the world and whatever is in it" . that the
only satisfaction a martyr could derive from coming back to earth would
be "so that he may by martyred ten times because of the dignity he
receives [from Allah]" . "Know that Paradise is under the shade of
swords." . that "exposing their [non-Muslim] women and children to
danger" is justified because as "the prophet replied, 'They are from

Presumably, that would explain present-day suicide bombings that kill
innocents here and elsewhere. 

Weyrich and Lind trace the violent history of Islam to Mohammed himself.

Mohammed Like 'a Mafia Don' - "Not only did he personally wage war,"
they note, "he repeatedly called for 'hits' on anyone he did not like,
in the manner of a mafia don." For example: 

"The apostle Mohammed said, 'Kill any Jew that falls into your power.'
Thereupon Muhayyisa leapt upon Ibn Sunayna, a Jewish merchant with whom
they had social and business relations, and killed him." 

Nobel literature prize winner Elias Cannetti has defined Islam as "a
religion of war - literally a killer belief." 

"Islam has made war on Christendom and Christians since it first swept
out of Arabia to conquer much of the Christian Mediterranian world," the
Free Congress study finds. 

And then, a brief synopsis of history bringing us up to the present day:

"As recently as 1683, the armies of Islam were besieging Vienna. After
about 300 years on the strategic defensive, Islam has recently resumed
the strategic offensive. It is now expanding outward in every direction:
down both coasts of Africa, east through the South China Sea toward
Australia, north into both eastern and western Europe, and west into the
United States where the fastest growing religion is Islam. As has been
true throughout its history, the expansion of Islam is not peaceful.
More Christians are being martyred today than at the height of the Roman
persecutions, and most of them are dying at the hands of Islam.
Christendom is in peril." 

Quite simply, Weyrich and Lind view the present-day terrorism as an
extension of a religious war. Islam, they explain, divides the world
into two portions; the Dar al Islam, the world of Islam, and the Dar al
Harb, the world of war. Peace is possible only within the world of

Islam is on the cutting edge of the new kind of warfare that does not
involve easily identifiable nations or governments. Rather, there is a
war of cultures, occurring not just "over there" but on American soil, a
trend Free Congress says was observable "long before September 11." 

Source:  NewsMax 

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