International Conference in London: The Role of Muslims in the West

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You are invited to an International Conference in Lodon:

Beyond September 11th: The Role of Muslims in the West 

*       Since Bush arrogantly proclaimed, “Either you are with us or you
are with the terrorists”, Muslims in the West have been compelled to
make a stark choice - either to accept the phoney foundations of Bush’s
crusade or alternatively to be labelled as the enemy. 

*       The aftermath of September 11th has brought the brutal bombing
of Afghanistan, the detention of Muslims at Guantanamo Bay, the
formation of US bases in Central Asia, the green light for Sharon to
crush the Muslims in Palestine, the training of government militias in
Philippines, the preparation for war with Iraq, and the work to
eradicate Islam as a political force in the world. 

*       In the West, there have been widespread arrests and the
internment of thousands of Muslims, the negative media portrayal of
Islam, the rise of far-right immigration policies, the procurement of
‘Western friendly’ Muslim activists and the policy to integrate the
Muslims into Western society. 

*       With the spotlight falling on Muslims and Islam, Muslims need to
answer some fundamental questions. Questions such as, “How should we
view the West?” “Can we live in the West maintaining our Islam?” “What
should we accept from the West and what should we reject?” “How do we
channel our feelings towards the global Islamic Ummah?” “How do we
present a true picture of Islam?” 

*       The reality of Western culture is plain for all to see.
Capitalism overshadows our lives, promising to bring the fruits of a
great ‘civilisation’, but in reality eroding the very core values of
Islam. The West is characterised by emptiness, escapism and the
breakdown of society. In Britain one in twenty women has been raped,
child abuse is out of control and drug abuse and crime have become
runaway statistics. What is our duty towards this? In order to map out a
clear path for Muslims in the West, Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain will embark
upon a national campaign explaining the true Role of Muslims in the
West. For further information about this campaign, contact 0870 745 5639

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