German election candidate promises to deport Muslims

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A candidate in Germany’s upcoming elections has promised voters to
deport 4000 Muslims from the country if he wins. If he is voted in as
chancellor on Sunday, September 22, conservative candidate Edmund
Stoiber has pledged to deport4,000 Muslims, the British daily newspaper,
the Guardian, reported Thursday, September 19. 

Behind in most polls, the Bavarian governor - a hard-liner on law and
order - appeared to be making a last-gasp effort to tap into fears over
a link between immigration and terrorism in Europe , the daily said. 

He told a rowdy crowd, packed into the market square of Werne , on the
edge of the Ruhr district, that there were 30,000 identified Muslim
fundamentalist extremists in Germany . 

"Among these 30,000 so-called Islamists, there are 4,000 who are ready
for violence, " he claimed. "The police know that; 4,000 are known by
name as being disposed to violence and are suspected of belonging to
foreign terrorist organizations such as the Algerian GIA. I say to you:
these 4,000 - I will expel them from the country." 

Stoiber made no reference in his speech to any kind of judicial process,
and it was not clear how he intended to carry out the deportations under
existing laws. Legislation that came into effect last December abolished
a ban on the investigation of foreigners based in Germany and considered
to be terrorist suspects by other states. But the law as it stands does
not allow the authorities to deport anyone on mere suspicion of
belonging to a terrorist organization, said the Guardian. 

Stoiber's undertaking can be expected to provoke indignant criticism
from representatives of Germany's Muslim minority, coming as it does
only two days after he and his lieutenants pushed the issues of race and
immigration into the election for the first time. 

The Bavarian governor, who is trailing by up to three points in the
polls after Gerhard Schrِder staged a remarkable comeback, said that
with four million unemployed it would be "irresponsible to open the
market to everyone". 

The Guardian added that Stoiber's home affairs spokesman went much
further, declaring that immigrants should not only be made to take
integration courses, but they should also be made to pay for them.
Günther Beckstein added that foreigners intending to live in Germany
should recognize underlying values "moulded by Christianity". 

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