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Reuven Werber
Ed Tech Coordinator
Neveh Channah HS - Gush Etzion, Israel
Virtual Reference Desk Information Specialist
Instructor - Herzog Teacher's College - Yeshivat Har Etzion
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Subject: dotPhoto.com Invitation!

You have been invited to view a dotPhoto album named Hitnadvut Day.

Click here to visit the album.

Message: At the end of the Community Service activity Year, Neveh Channah held 
a Happening for the disabled children, Senior Citzens and other recipients of 
Neveh Channah volunteer work. Games, food, handiwork, visits with police, fire 
brigade and ambulance drivers provided activities for all. Exhibits of 
handiworks done over the year decorated the walls of Neveh Channah.

From Reuven Werber

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