[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 301, November 17, 2012

  • From: Jack Teems <jteems@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 9:58:45 -0800


01.  Bliss Control
02.  Image Writer
03.  Anvi Browser Repair Tool
04.  Hyperdesktop
05.  Text Mechanic
06.  Photo Flash Maker
07.  Desktop-Reminder

01.  BLISS CONTROL at http://blisscontrol.com/ is an easy way to change your 
profile settings on any of a dozen or more social networks.

02.  IMAGE WRITER is installed as a virtual printer driver and allows you to 
convert any printable document from any application that supports printing into 
a standard PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, or GIF image. The converted image retains all of 
the information from the original file and can be shared and viewed without the 
need for the original software. Advanced options control the image format and 
quality. Registry access is available for programmatic control. A PDF Button 
inside Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel is added to save images in one 
click. The developer promises no popups or ads.  Download free at 
http://www.pdfill.com/freewriter.html .

03.  ANVI BROWSER REPAIR TOOL helps repair browser settings altered by malware 
with one click.  Download free at 
http://www.anvisoft.com/product/browserrepairtool.html .

04.  HYPERDESKTOP lets you capture and edit screenshots, then uploads multiple 
images to blogs, Faceebook, Reddit, etc. Download free to 
http://gethyperdesktop.com/ .

* * * * *

Would you like a FREE copy of ASHAMPOO BURNING STUDIO 12?  This program 
regularly costs $50. It backs up and burns files to Blu-Ray, DVD, or CD, 
creates slideshows, video disks, music CDs, and MP3/WMA discs; designs booklets 
and covers; and, creates and browses disk images. We'll soon be giving away 
several copies of ASHAMPOO BURNING STUDIO 12 in a random drawing of NNT Premium 
subscribers. If you're a Premium subscriber, do nothing .... we'll soon be 
contacting the lucky winners.  If you're not a Premium subscriber, you can 
still get in the drawing if you subscribe soon at 
http://www.neatnettricks.com/store .

* * * * *

05.  TEXT MECHANIC at http://www.textmechanic.com/ features a collection of 
free, online, browser based text manipulation tools.

06.  PHOTO FLASH MAKER converts your photos into an animated flash sideshow 
with music background, dynamic text, long descriptions, etc.  that can be 
shared.  Download free at 
http://www.photo-flash-maker.com/photo-flash-maker-free-version.html .

07.  DESKTOP-REMINDER notifies, with an alarm if desired, of upcoming tasks.  
It provides a 12-month calendar, imports tasks from other locations supporting 
the .ics format, repeats tasks yearly, monthly, weekly, sorts tasks by date, 
status, or category, and more.  Download free at 
http://www.desktop-reminder.com/en/index.html .

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