[neatnettricks] Neat Net Tricks Standard Issue 256, February 2, 2011

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01.  DOCX Viewer
02.  Touchpad Blocker
03.  A43
04.  Free DVD Creater
05.  Reverse Energy
06.  Windows Access Panel
07.  Polyedit Lite
08.  Ainvo Registry Defrag
09.  The Literary Machine

01.  DOCX VIEWER.  Microsoft created Word 2007/2010 which produced files in 
.docx that could not be read by earlier versions of Word.  This required 
another piece of software that would allow you to read older documents. 
Fortunately, there are better solutions, and this one is smaller and more 
useful, and it is a free download at http://www.epingsoft.com/docx/docxv.asp .

02.  TOUCHPAD BLOCKER eliminates one more annoyance in using laptops with 
touchpads, caused when the cursor jumps to another paragraph when you are 
typing a text on notebook and accidentally place your hand on a touchpad.  This 
program automatically disables mouse buttons for a small delay if some key has 
been pressed on a keyboard. Clicks are ignored just for a few moments, but it's 
enough to prevent the cursor from involuntary jumping. Download free at 
http://karpolan.com/software/touchpad-blocker/ .

03. A43 is a file management utility.  It provides an integrated text editor, 
zip/unzip features with drag and drop, file search, quick launch, favorite 
buttons, and it is portable and can be carried with you on a USB pen drive.  It 
requires no installation and is a free download at http://alterion.us/a43/ .

04. FREE DVD CREATER converts and burns DVD movies from video files. It can 
create DVD from all video formats such as AVI to DVD, DivX to DVD, Xvid to DVD, 
MPEG to DVD, WMV to DVD, MP4 to DVD, MOV to DVD, or RM to DVD; and, the DVDs 
can be played on portable or home DVD players.  Download free at 
http://www.minidvdsoft.com/dvdcreator/ .

* * * *

If you received the latest issue of Neat Net Tricks Premium, you learned about 
a program that will reduce the size of your images and photos by as much as 98% 
with little loss of quality (great for sharing with your friends by email, on 
Facebook, or just taking up less space on your computer).  Among a dozen other 
valuable -- and free -- tips was one that that tests your browser for 
vulnerability and weaknesses; a parental control device that blocks Web sites 
and works with any browser; a monitor that takes log screenshots to identify 
and repair poor Internet connections; and, a program that organizes and plays 
large music collections.  Other features include a mini-review of a hot new 
security application and a tutorial for backing up Firefox bookmarks. That's 
just a tip of the iceberg and gives an idea of what you're missing if you're 
not a Premium subscriber.  But you can get that issue and 23 more just as 
useful.  Subscribe now at http://www.neatnettricks.com/store . Your $12 helps 
keep this free issue coming your way twice monthly.

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05.  REVERSE ENERGY creates backups that are compatible with most archive 
managers.  It allows password protection, self-extracting backups, spanned 
backups over multiple CDs or DVDs, a simple backup wizard, automated backups, 
and more.  Download free at http://reverseenergy.com.au/programs/renpad-backup/ 

06. WINDOWS ACCESS PANEL, for Windows 7 and Vista, conveniently displays and 
gives access to a wide selection of Windows utilities and programs.  Download 
free at http://www.thewindowsclub.com/windows-access-panel-for-windows-7-vista .

07. POLYEDIT LITE provides standard capabilities expected from a word processor 
and promises other innovative features to make for more efficient work with a 
lightweight, easy-to-use, and fast program.  Download free at 
http://polyedit.com/free.html .

08. AINVO REGISTRY DEFRAG is yet another program designed to improve Windows 
performance and stability due to Registry defragmentation.  Download free at 
http://www.ainvo.com/en/product.php?path=data/products/rd/ .

09.  THE LITERARY MACHINE is a tool for organizing, recalling, and recombining 
information. Any information - Web links, sound files or pictures - not just 
text. It can be used for immediate planning or for keeping thoughts and 
fragments of work or information that could be valuable someday. Download free 
http://www.sommestad.com/lm.htm .

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