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From Christopher Jackson

Soman Drath
Following recent posts.


?Ensign, set course for the Merlin system, maximum warp. And open a
channel to Captain Soman Drath of the USS Marathon.?

Santos knew it was his imagination, but he knew the Vanguard, and he
could almost feel her turn and accelerate to warp, wrapping space-time
in a pinprick of light.

?Yes, sir, but that may take a moment. USS Marathon is under a heavy 
communications blanket.?

?Keep trying. I?m on my way to the bridge now.?

Santos exited his quarters.

End snip.

Soman: Nic! Good to hear from you.  Your timing couldn?t be better?

Santos: You might not think so when I tell you this.  I?ve got to ask you to 
postpone your mission to the Delta Quadrant for a short while.  

Soman mulled over the Admiral?s words for half a second.  His disappointment 
was instantly overshadowed by his concern and curiosity.

Soman: Challis, transfer the Admiral to my ready room.

Challis complied and the holo image of Dominique Santos vanished from the 
bridge. As Soman arose from the center seat, his first officer entered the 

Soman: Number 1, you have the bridge.  I?ll be in my ready room.

#1: Is there anything wrong, sir?

Soman stared back into the intent eyes of his first officer.

Soman: Looks like there may be a change in our itinerary, Echeb.  You have the 
bridge.  Continue preparations for launch.

Soman entered his ready room.  As he walked towards his Bajoran Jeffa wood 
desk, his eyes fell on two objects in his office: the wells class model that 
stood on a table in the far corner, and the picture of the crew of the Vanguard 
at the end of their seven year journey.  Soman sat and cued the COM link.

Soman: Alright Nick.  I know whatever is going on must be serious if you?re 
calling to cancel this mission.

Santos: Postpone Captain.  I hope to have this whole thing resolved in a few 
days.  I can?t give you too many details over channels, but I need you and the 
Marathon to rendezvous with me in the Merlin system as soon as possible.  I?ll 
relay further information to you in person.  

Soman leaned back in his chair.  He knew that nothing else had to be accessed 
on the matter, right now.  His trust in Santos had not wavered in 15 years.  

Soman: It?ll be good to see Vanguard again.  I don?t think I?ve ever met my 
replacement as first officer. 

Santos: I think you?d like Aral.  Oh, and for the record he didn?t replace you; 
he only succeeded you.  Speaking of first officers. . .

Soman grimaced.  He knew what was coming and had to own up to it.

Soman: Alright, I owe you a dinner at the Heights, the next time we?re on 
Earth.  Echeb is just like I was when I was you?re first officer.  There, I?ve 
said it.

Soman meant every word.  He considered himself fortunate that Admiral Janeway 
had recommended him for Soman?s first officer.  From the moment Echeb had 
entered Starfleet service, his time on Voyager not withstanding, his service to 
Starfleet and indeed, to the Federations has nothing short of superb.   

Santos: I told you.  We?ll talk more when you arrive, Drath.  I?ll see you at 

The link cut and Soman?s amused smile vanished, replaced by silent 
contemplation.  He moved back onto the bridge where his officers looked 
intently for an answer as to why their mission was being put off.

Soman: Ana, set a course for the Merlin system.

Echeb: Merlin is almost on the other side of Federation space.  Did the Admiral 
say why our mission has been postponed?  

Soman: He said we?d find out when we got to Merlin.  I?m as in the dark about 
this as the rest of you.  

Challis: Sorry, Captain, but I?ve got more news.  A special communications came 
in while you were on with Admiral Santos, from TID.  We have to pick up a 
passenger from Utopia Planitia on our way to Merlin.

Soman walked over to Challis? console and read the message.

Soman: Hm, Mr. Darkwater.  I haven?t seen him since the last Vanguard reunion.  

Out of the corner of his eye, Soman saw Ana Leonov flinch at the mention of 
Darkwater?s name.  

Soman: Number 1, looks like we?ll be setting some speed records today.  Ana, 
set course for the Sol system, Utopia Planitia Fleet yards. Launch status?

Echeb: Status is go.  Dockmaster says we are clear.

Soman: Wave port gates.  Thrusters at station keeping.  Stand by, impulse 

Settling into his seat, Soman couldn?t help the smile forming on his face.

Soman: Ms. Leonov, one quarter impulse power.  Take us out.

With that, Marathon came to life and moved purposefully away from dock and 
soon, out into space  

Ana: Preparing for trans/fold warp.  All sections reporting green. 

Soman: Mr. Stratford, last chance to come to the bridge.

=/\= Alvon, I have a good seat down here, sir.

Soman could hear the smile in Alvon?s voice; just another of the miracles on 

Soman: Fair enough.  Alright, Ms Leonov, Engage. 

Marathon?s warp nacelles flared and she shot off into the distant stars, adding 
her own flash to the group of pinpoint lights.  Shortly there after, the true 
magic of the trans/fold system began.  Trans/folding had been possible 20 years 
ago.  The problem in application was the enormous quantum oscillation that 
threatened bio-cellular disruption in the process.  Through the study of the 
Zytherian knowledge, a way was found to counter this.  Alvon Stratford 
developed a inverse harmonic resonator to counter the oscillation effect. That 
coupled with the fact that the oscillation effect is decreased in warp have 
helped to make trans/fold drive a viable reality.   Because of this, the trip 
from Touchstone to Earth, which normally would take several weeks, will take 
just 2 minutes.

In a perfect universe, the trip would have gone off without a hitch.  As with 
any new ship, there are always bugs to be worked out.  

=/\=  Challis: Deck 9 reports failure in it gravity field generators, Deck 12, 
section 3 has lost power completely, and Alvon?s reporting a stress fracture in 
the quantum core.  

Soman: Never rains. 

Echeb: Could be worse.  We could be stranded 70,000 light-years from home.

Soman: You?ve been waiting to use that one, haven?t you?

Echeb smirked and rolled his eyes, innocently.  

Soman: Alright, you check out deck 12.  I?m heading to engineering.  Challis, 
you have the bridge. Signal Utopia Planitia on our arrival and status, and let 
me know their reaction when you tell them where we've just come from.   For a 
shakedown, I have to say, you all did an excellent job.  

With that, Soman left the bridge heading to engineering.  No problems with the 
actual drive, itself.   Marathon was working out, fairly nicely.

?Captain Darkwater, this is Lieutenant Challis of the USS Marathon. 
I?ll apologise for making this short, we?re a little busy here right now. What 
can I do for you??

?I need to speak with Captain Drath, if that?s possible??

?I?m afraid the Captain?s very busy. I?m the duty bridge officer, 
I?m afraid you?ll have to go through me for now.? It wasn?t officious, 
but the obviously hurried tone told him they truly were working hard.

?I have orders from Admiral Torensen at Temporal Affairs to come 
aboard, and liaise with Captain Drath on an imminent situation.?
 He downloaded the orders, and waited for them to be approved.

?Confirming your orders now, sir.? The Lieutenant answered, hesitantly. 
It was some time ? presumably involving checks with StarFleet Security 
? but finally he was granted permission, and beamed aboard.

?Sir, welcome to the USS Marathon.? Challis, it seemed, had come 
down to meet him personally. ?I?m afraid the Captain is still busy, 
I could ask him to break off if it?s vital??

?I can speak with the Captain after the launch, so long as he is 
made aware that I?ve come aboard. I?m sure he?ll find a moment at some point.?

?Can I show you to the Guest Quarters, Captain??

?I?d rather see Lieutenant Leonov, actually.? He replied, which startled her 
End snip:

Alvon looked over his boards, a grim look on his face.

Soman: so what?s the verdict?

Alvon: There was a .003 overlap between the oscillation and the harmonic 
resonator that didn?t show up during final calibration. It?s my fault.

Soman: No,no.  You know as well as I do that a starship has to be tamed after 
it leaves the barn.   How long will it take to correct?

Alvon: Already done.  

Soman: Really?!

Alvon: of course.  You know that any ship with 3 former Borg onboard has got to 
be efficient.

Soman knew that Alvon was okay with that remark.  It had been a long road, but 
Alvon had recovered his individuality and built on it.

Soman: excellent.  =/\= Soman to Leonov, as soon as all sections report in, set 
course for the Merlin system and engage.

Leonov =/\=: Aye sir.


OOC: this is more of a connecting post.  The Marathon hadn't left Touchstone 
station by Keiran's post. [sweet post BTW]  This post, hopefully squares away 
any immediate points of confusion.
Kirk: Spock, where the hell is that power you promised me?
Spock: One damn minute Admiral.

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