[USS Vanguard] What to do with a Cerberus that bites you?

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LtCdr Sam McCaw
During/After  'At the Gates of Hell'
Onboard Brigadoon

        Sam wandered out of the cafe, thinking about packing and fretting about 
state of the ship when he got back. The Phaser refit in particular would
require a delicate touch due to the problems of integrating Federation
focusing crystals  and weapons hardware with the Vanguard's notoriously
twitchy singularity based power supply. He was somewhat nonplussed therefore
when Captain Zena Quetan landed in a heap in front of him.

<snip 'Ath the Gates of Hell'

Picking herself up angrily, she looked and Cynan didn't appear to care. He
was standing as he was before she'd arrived, starving emptily out one of the
stations many windows. There were some that might have attacked him now,
some that would have reported him, some that would have done nothing but
turn away. Zena was did not fit into any of these categories. The two of
them had been friends once and she cared too much not to try.

Walking up to him once more she turned him around and slammed him hard into
a near by bulkhead, restraining him so he couldn't move.

"You've got to get it together!" she was trying to help him but all he'd do
was struggle to get free, anger flaring in his eyes.

"So you've had some hard breaks. Everybody does. Get over them. I will not
let you do this to yourself. Not again. You're worth more then this. Worth
more to all of us."

Was he listening? Was he /really/ listening? Or were her words falling on
deaf ears. Was he to far gone? She was beginning to wonder and that it
happened, he kissed her.

"What do you think you're doing?" she exclaimed, pushing him away.
"Whatever's the way to sort yourself out, that is NOT it."


Cynan turned and fled, his face contorted with confusion, anger and fear.

Sam was baffled, and in the moment it took him to react one of the station's
junior security officers appeared, and levelled a phaser at Cyan's back.


The poor kid spun round to find himself face to face with Sam, transformed
into a towering rage. The phaser dropped guiloty to his side as Sam bawled
him out.

"I NEVER want to see you do that again. That is not a toy you are carrying
around and if I see you waving it around in front of an officer again I will
make you EAT IT!"


"Do I make myself clear, Ensign?" The last word was dripping with such
malice that the young man actually stepped backwards.

"Yes Sir."

"Dismissed." The Ensign fled. Nick Santos, who had heard everything and was
wondering what had come over the usually rather genial engineer appeared in
the doorway and gave Sam enquiring look. He simply gestured up the stairs.

"I think Zena could do with a bit of support from her old CO sir, and while
you're at it tell her I don't think he's fit for duty either. Now if you'll
excuse me."

Sam headed for quarters in a dark mood.

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