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Lt. Zena Quetan
Vorgon Ship
Continuing from all recent posts

After a little team work between Sam, Zena and the Vorgons the ships shield was 
stable. Zena let out a sigh of relief, it was one less thing to worry about.

They were now on the Vorgon's "Bridge" It was odd, their first encounters with 
the Vorgon were less than friendly yet Zena now felt totally at ease around 

Zena turned to the Vorgon's Captain/Leader "Everything seems to be operational 

Vorgon: We appreciate your assistance...To Vanguard Captain we must talk

Zena looked to Sam then back to the Vorgon "that might not be possible, The 
Captain was injured in an attack I'm unsure of his status"

The Vorgon leaders eyes widened and a look of concern came across his face

"I'll contact the ship" Zena said as she went to tap her badge

"Please use our communicator" The Vorgon leader said as he nodded to a Vorgon 
on a nearby console

They had hailed the Vanguard

A few seconds later and DeAngelo appeared on the screen "Lieutenant!"

Zena paused for a moment a little puzzled she was expecting to see Soman "We've 
stabilized the shield here so we're ready to head back...Denville, Where's 

"He went to check on the Captain a while ago but he hasn't come back yet and he 
isn't replying to his comm, A security team are looking in to it" Denville 

"Stand by to beam us back on my command" Zena said. She wanted to ask about the 
Captain but that would have to wait until she was back onboard, she just felt 
like she needed to get back straight away.

The link was cut, Zena turned to the Vorgon leader "we have to get back to our 
ship, we'll stay in contact with you"

"We two will come with you" The Vorgon leader said motioning another Vorgon over

"I'm not sure if that would be a good idea at present, I don't want to endanger 
you" Zena replied

"Your concern is noted we wish to come" The Vorgon leader replied persistently

Zena nodded and tapped her badge "4 to beam up have a security team meet us 
when we arrive"

"Acknowledged...Stand by...." Came the reply

Seconds later and they were back on the Vanguard, Security were there as 
requested. Zena stepped down from the platform and approached the Security team 
"I want you to stay with our guests at all times"

Security escorted Zena and the Vorgons to the bridge where Denville was waiting 
for them

"report" Zena asked getting straight to the point....

Tag anyone on bridge!

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