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USS Thesipiae

Ceelak turned to go back to the party and Craig caught her arm and pulled back 
to him.  Craig lowered his voice again.  "Don't mention this to Nick or the 
others.  No sense in worrying everyone else."

As Ceelak and Craig separated, Sam walked over to the new captain. Kavan eyed 
him a little warily. 
"Need to know, Lt." 
Sam grinned. "Never even crossed my mind. I'm just a little tired of the socal 
melee, and besides that I'm not 
adjusted to the Thesipiae's sleep cycle, so its mid-morning for me. Is there 
any chance I can make myself useful?"
Craig nodded thoughtfully, "Sure, present yourself to engineering and see if 
you can find a way to make sure we're 
off everyone's radar - Federation Intelligence and Fleet Command included. The 
cloak is damm fine, but they 
always leak somewhere, and you can guarentee the two groups I've just mentioned 
will know where." 
Sam raised his eyebrows. "Need to know?"
Craig smiled "Yup." 

Sam quickly left the room, followed by another officer whose curiousity had got 
the better of them. 

ooc: Lets talk. All speculation about destination and mission welcome. 

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