[USS Vanguard] The beginning

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NRPG: Thanks for the welcome all...hope I can make you all proud...I don't know 
where to start so am starting at the begining.. 


Aliyah dodged a punch coming from her brother and followed up with a fist to 
his ribs. He spun out away from her and tried getting her down with a round 
house. Aliyah-Amores jumped up and Chad's foot passed under her. As she it the 
groud she brought her right leg up and stop it right in front of his stomach. 
He held up his hands, "I give," he told her smiling, "Mercy!" Aliyah-amores 
stopped place her foot back on the ground and extended a helping hand to her 
brother. He took the hand and she pulled him into standing position. He held 
her around her waiste as they walked out of the ring, "Where's your head today 
Chad?" She asked, "You are normally more into this." Chad only smiled at her, 
"You're my sister and I love you, I was thinking, I should let her win!" Aliyah 
jumped on her brother and they both tumbled to the ground. Aliyah began 
tickling Chad who was laughing uncontrollably, "Why you little runt!" she 

The two of them were still playing when a throat was cleared. She stopped 
tickling Chad and looked up. It was the gym owner, "Would you two love birs 
play somewhere else?" he asked obvioulsy annoyed.

"Oh keep your britches on," Chad said smiling at his sister and getting up with 
her in his arms, "She's my sister," he placed Aliyah-Amores on her feet and she 
smiled. "Yep, whatever he said," Aliyah-amores said to further agitate the 
owner. He only shook his head and walked off mumbling something about "ingrains"

That night at their favorite spot the "Vanderadel" Club they sat down back 
stage. "So you're really going on  huh?" Chad asked as he sipped his beer. 
"Yep," Aliyah-Amores told him, ~but I love you~ she sent him telepathically. 
Chad smiled at that, "Remember the first time you got so drunk I had to carry 
you home?" Aliyah-Amores grinned evily, "That's not fair!" she retorted. 
"What's not?" her brother asked. "I can't remember!"

The both began to laugh. "oh men!" Chad said while still laughing, "You're 
dressed like a nineteen hundreds gypsie!" They burst out laughing again.  As 
they calmed down they continued to reminis about the past. Mostly the good 
parts. Then the announcer came on.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, This will be her last performance so you had 
better make use of it.

Patron: She'll be back!

The audience started laughing...

 Announcer: Am not so sure about that.. The one...The only.... AMORES!

There were loud applauding...Aliyah kissed her brother and he left to his 
seat.. The curtain opened and her final concert began.

Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald
JAG Officer

[to be continued]
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