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  • Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 20:53:29 +0000

Kieran sat back in the small room, wiping the sweat from his face as he
finally relaxed. It was surprising how much effort it took to move
about on the low-gravity surface of this moon, bounding slowly from rock to
rock. It wasn't so much the force taken to move, but the delicate
control required so as not to end up spinning away and crashing painfully in
the dust.

Still, it made for interesting exercise, and the he had managed to
recreate a Tulpura court. The ancient game had, apparently, been played in
some of the remote reaches of the T'Kon empire, before they had
discovered gravitic generators, and it honed the ability to manouevre in
three-dimensions. Several of the academy's instructors had recommended it
during shuttle-pilot training. The Vulcans had become masters at it,
their spacial awareness and sense of movement through three-dimensions
enhanced, perhaps, by their evolutionary ancestry of reptilian avians. Any
other race, of course, would probably have taken offence at being told
they were only any good because they'd evolved from flying dinosaurs,
but not the Vulcans. It was difficult to insult a Vulcan, in fact...
which brought his mind back to the present.

With nothing to do but wait until the Vanguard arrived, he laid back on
the small bed, and began to chart the further details of his encounters
so far...

"Computer, resume Mission report..."


The Vulcan had definitely stared at him as he left the central arena,
it was not Kieran's imagination. Even the Andorian next to him had
noticed it, and commented. He opened his eyes, the cold stone of the arena
against the back of his neck as he recalled his poor performance, and
saw in the upper stands the Vulcan. He was talking with a few shadowed
companions near the back seats, and they quickly split up towards the
various exits.

Trapped! Kieran thought, gnawing gently on his lip. There was no way to
get out of the unfamiliar building without them, and an allegation
would do him no good, especially after recent events.

And then the vulcan came back... Slowly, calmly, carefully, down the
stairs and into the paddock on the far side, he strolled without concern,
and entered the small compound set aside for those who wished to enter
the full tournament. Gevran watched him settle, sitting calmly and
awaiting the call that would signify the tournament entry had been closed,
and the lots for bouts would be drawn. Purely on instinct, he rose,
covered the floor quickly, and slipped into the compound sitting opposite
the Vulcan. For some time he sized him up, trying to gauge what was
going on, but he was no closer by the time the gate was closed, and the
judge entered with the lots...

Off> To be continued.. :)

Kieran Darkwater
A&A Officer
USS Vanguard

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