[USS Vanguard] RPG: In a White Room...

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Capt. Dominic Santos
USS Vanguard
During "Did You Say Q?"

Dominic Santos covered his face with his hands. He was afraid of what he would 
see if he opened his eyes--Which would be worse? Death? Or the eternal limbo 
between life and death? He wanted neither right now. He wanted to be back on 
his ship, the Vanguard, helping steer her and her crew to their intended 
destination: the Borg homeworld.

The last thing he remembered (and it was all so hazy) was collapsing on "New 
Vanguard" and Droin calling to the ship for emergency assistance. The rest 
was...black. Then, for some strange reason, he remembered being back at the 
Academy. But that couldn't be right. He rarely thought of the Academy anymore. 
Not since that first year on the Vanguard.

Santos remembered momentarily coming around, and Falcon looking down at him, 
dropping her PADD and calling for Dr. Droin.

And now, it was white. No, wait! White. It was all white. And someone was 
moving his hands from his face.

"Boo," said the stranger.

Santos blinked and looked into a face he hadn't seen in months, a face that 
frankly, he never expected to see again.

"Q!" he exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

Qbed grinned at him. "Surprise! I thought you could use a visitor while you 
were recuperating!"

Santos: "Are you responsible for this?"

Qbed: "For what? Your getting your bum kicked by a hologram?" She spat a 
raspberry. "Pffft. Hardly. You should know that I would come up with something 
more creative than that. Like a sixty-foot tall robot. (Or is it 'sixty-FEET 
tall robot'? Standard can be so confusing.)"

Santos: "What are you doing here, Qbed? Why have you come?"

Qbed shrugged. "I told you, Nicky. I heard you were in Sickbay, and I decided 
to visit you, out of the goodness of my heart."

Santos gave her a "Come on, you expect me to believe that?" look.

Qbed sighed. "All right. There is one more thing. Oh, first, here are some 
flowers--" She made a small gesture, and suddenly they were standing in a field 
of flowers with a sky made of flowers. It was, of course, raining flowers. 
Santos reached up and picked a daisy out of his hair. "Someone told me that you 
Earthers like flowers when you're recuperating. They didn't say whether that 
included people who got royally hosed by a hologram."

Santos: "Qbed, you were telling me why you're suddenly here..."

Qbed turned and put a finger in the air. "Oh, right! Well, it's a tiny thing, 
really. Teeny. I mean, it's really nothing. It's...small. Just something I have 
to bring up with Sam."

Santos narrowed his eyes. "Why Sam?"

Qbed: "I heard about his little future wife. And their happy little future on 
your little paradise New Vanguard. I'm gone for, what? A few months? A few 
years? And you humans! Such a limited concept of time! I would have been back 
for lil' Sam! So what does he do? Goes off to start a family with one of the 
little harlots on his staff. (Is that how you humans, you men, handle 
promotions to important positions? Celebrate with a little procreation?) So 
I've come to turn Sam inside-out. Literally." Qbed grinned. Santos's eyes went 
wide. "Toodles for now. I'll be back later, once I've had a little chit-chat 
with Mr. Hotshot-Targets-Everything-That-Moves."

Santos: "Qbed! Wait! It's not what you think!" But before he could say anything 
else, she was gone, leaving him alone in an endless white expanse, devoid even 
of the flowers she had created.
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