[USS Vanguard] RPG: Dark Spiral

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After: In Action
By: Roch Chase
Title: Dark Spiral

OFF: This post consists of parts of "In Action"


"You are sure there is nothing in the Command Handbook that would compel 
Elis to disclose what he knows about this mission?" Soman asked Aliyah 

Lopez shook her head.

Soman, Lopez, M. J. Valentine, Roch Chase and Jaav E'thexx sat in a corner 
Event Horizon.

Roch sat there with his glass clenched between his fingers. He did not like 
this change. No one was speaking to anyone. It seems all the new boss did 
was speak at people. His temper rushed through him and his hand clamped 
harder around the glass. Sometimes it was better to keep quiet than speak. 
You learn so much that way.

"On the contrary, Drath, the commanding officer is given wide discretionary
powers in what to disclose and what not to disclose. One way to interpret 
general order is that a commanding officer could all but take a starship 
the most extraordinary circumstances and say next to nothing to his crew 
than 'Open hailing frequencies,' 'Raise shields,' or 'Fire phasers.'"

"By the prophets, that is insane." Soman said, slumping back in his chair.

"Tell me, Commander, as the number two on this ship, isn't it your duty to 
these sorts of regulations in the event Captain Santos is incapacitated?"
E?thexx asked.

That wrested a smile out of Soman.

"I know what Captain Santos expects from each of us, and I know how this 
ship is
run. I know Starfleet gives a lot of discretion in how each starship is 

Chase finally spoke up. "We must be ready to concede that Captain Santos may 

"Well, Mr. Glass-Is-Half-Empty, I think it's safe to say that we're aware of
that. We may be in for the long haul with Captain Elis. And this mission."
Valentine looked at Chase without flinching.

Roch knew he was right. And If Santos did not come back he would not be 
surprise. People has been leaving him all his life so this one person would 
not be different. Although he must admit that Santos had made an impact on 
his life. He had actually wanted to settle down and do something with his 
life than cracking skulls. he raised his glass robotically to his lip and 
sipped the harsh liquid. He did not even flinch as it burnt a path down his 

Soman ran a hand over his tired face. "I need to be planet-side in a few 
I'm going to get some sleep before I go down."

"Why don't you get some sleep, Drath? I mean, how much sleep have you had in 
last couple of nights?" Lopez asked.

Roch Excused himself and walked over to a dark table. he sat down and 
lightly dropped his glass on the table. He sat back and took a deep breathe. 
He had knots in his shoulder the size of nostradamus and he was feeling down 
right pathetic. His life had taken a turn. Not for the better.. For 
something he was afraid to even admit to himself. he flinched at that 

He wanted something more out of life. Anything. Something better than always 
feeling like this. He emtied his cup and was about to head to bed when the 
announcement came. he wasn't needed in intelligence so he headed off to see 
Connor. He could be of some assistance in security.

Lt. jg Roch Chase
Cheif Intelligence

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