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Lt. Highwaij
Following  Look Back, Face Forward
Scene: Party

> Santos caught Denville D'Angelo and Highwaij at the bar.
> "Gentlemen," he nodded.
> They raised their glasses and said hello, returning to their
> conversation.
> That was what he liked about those two, Santos mused. They didn't stand
> on ceremony. Refreshing to see career officers who didn't parrot the
> crowd.

Highwaij filled their glasses again as he kept talking to D'Angelo
they talked about everything, past en presant, even what their next mission
whould bring

"Look at that" D'Angleo said

Highwaij looked around ans saw Cyan and She'ra being back together
he smilled and gave She'ra a smille.
"Yep there back" he said "It's good to see"

"It is, but what did you and She'ra do whille you where away"

"Not mush, we talked and fought" Highwaij said "She needed some one to talk
with, and I wanted to listen"

At that moment Tails joined them Highwaij gave her a drink "Welcome back
missed you" he said

"Still the same, are you" Tails said knowing Highwaij

"Why whould I change" Highwaij said filling their glasses again

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