[USS Vanguard] Re: OoC: A Bunch of Geeky Stuff for You Computer Fans Only

  • From: "Cynan" <kuhnahn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ncv80221@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:42:49 +0100

> About the computer or about the posting?

heh. The computer :)

> For the post, I'll work on it throughout the day, when my co-workers
> aren't looking over my shoulder to catch me goofing around. ;-)

Hmm been there, done that.. got caught once... oooops, but it helps pass the
time and when your inspired, you gotta do your thing ! lol.

> 5. Here's the interesting part: I tried to slave Jenn's hard drive to
> my computer, and it fried my motherboard as well. Of course, I was
> stupid enough (and too lazy) to take it out of her case, so I simply
> hooked up my IDE cable and power to her hard drive's connectors, but
> still, I don't see how a hard drive from a machine with a bad
> MOTHERBOARD, either from static electricity or incompatible memory,
> would affect MY computer.

Yeah I can't see how that would screw anything up either. The only thing
that springs to my mind is static. I've blown two ATX boards by not wearing
a wrist strap before. It never occured to me that I needed one but with each
new generation of stuff, they're getting more and more sensitive. Since I
wear one all the time now, I haven't had any more problems but I can't rule
out some 'x-factor' either.

> 6. So, Jenn cried and screamed at me a bit. I called the comp
> manufacturer to find out about a new motherboard replacement. They told
> me those mobos were no longer manufactured.

Aww I'm almost crying too... when somethings goes wrong with my baby
(computer) I get a bit frantic too. Still, shes got a nice fast new computer
now. Lots of hugs for you lol.

> 8. I plied my Microsoft instructor with Thai food and he helped me put
> the machine together. Keep in mind I've done different things to
> computers, and I work in the industry, but it's the first time I put
> one together from the ground up. The computer store guy put the
> processor on the mobo and the fan on top of that (free if you buy the
> bundle from them, and I just didn't want to mess with it). But as Vader
> told Luke in "Jedi": "I see you've built a new lightsaber. Your skills
> are complete." You can't be a computer geek unless you've built your
> own.

lol congrats. :)

Think your ready for the trial now eh? hehe.

> 10. For all you curious, I haven't benchmarked it, although it's fast
> enough to impress Jenn. The shame is, she'll probably never push it
> even 50% of what it can do, but damn if she doesn't have the fastest
> solitaire and Web surfing machine on the block.

LOL sounds sweet. Back in the good books then? hehe.

Take it easy, Andy... looking forward to your post.


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