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Ah captain..If I remember right.. Jazz is passed out in the corridors 
somewhere..I think...
"andywoho@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <andywoho@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Cadet Dominic Santos
Earth - Starfleet Academy
After all recent posts

Cadet Dominic Santos left Ceelak Nostrova and Instructor Kavan, frowning at 
what he'd just heard.

Nostrova and Kavan seemed to know each other, to have memories of experiences 
that hadn't yet occurred. That was, to say the least, very strange.

Santos entered Hikaru Sulu Memorial Data Library and settled into a corner on 
the second floor. This corner, facing westward and toward the Bay, was his 
favorite. Some of the tallest shelves in the library blocked off this corner. A 
large transparent-aluminum window covered the wall, floor-to-ceiling.

Best of all, here was a cushioned ledge against the window where Santos liked 
to sit, looking out the window at the setting sun and taking in the view of the 
Bay. On clear days, Santos could sometimes make out old-fashioned road-based 
transportation on the bridge.

Santos closed his eyes for a moment and was soon asleep with his chin resting 
on his chest.

At first, his dreams were the typical dreams of a student: an exam he had 
failed to pass (although in reality, he had done well on it), new friends he'd 
met at Cha Cha Cha.

But then, his dreams took on a strange overtone.

Instead of sitting with him and Jaav and Cynan and Aliyah at the bar, Zena 
was...was...was that the uniform of a Starfleet Sci/Med officer? And what was 
Zena doing wearing the pips of a lieutenant commander..? She was a second year 

Zena was strolling next to him on a road in the woods. She turned and said, 
"All roads lead to Beta Lachesis."

Images started to flood his mind:

Sam McCaw sitting next to him in a shuttlecraft. Cadet McCaw ("Lieutenant 
McCaw"?) was wearing a tropical print shirt and when he crossed his legs, 
Santos saw sandals on his feet.

Jaav E'thexx stood next to him, and on the computer, they were receiving orders 
from someone in admiral's pips. (Why did Santos know the admiral as "Thad 

He turned and saw Cynan Mandrake, Highwaij and Zena Quetan departing the bridge 
of a starship. On the viewscreen hung a Borg ship, configured in the shape of a 

Xristha Droin, dressed in a surgical smock, and Jazz Falcon hovered over him as 
Falcon studied his vitals on a medical tricorder.

Kieran Darkwater stood and shook his hand for the very first time, in the data 
library on Starbase Brigadoon.

He stood with Maria Jana Valentine in Stellar Cartography and watched as she 
brought up a starchart under the file name "Klinzai."

Santos laughed and sipped from a glass of liquid, sitting in a strange bar 
called "Event Horizon." He knew the name, but he'd never been to this bar 
before. Behind the bar, a youngish-looking woman in a catsuit propped her elbow 
on top of the bar and rested her cheek on her hand. Santos knew that Des was 
tired after a long night in Event Horizon--but how did he know?

An officer with Vulcan (Romulan?) ears studied his phaser and slipped it away 
as he strolled in a place called...New Vanguard.

He issued an order to Mr. Kavan and watched as Kavan nodded, carrying it out.

He sipped a drink across the table from Ceelak Nostrova in an English pub.

Nostrova looked him over and said something.

In his dream, Santos asked her to repeat whatever she said.

"Santos, all roads lead to Beta Lachesis."

Santos woke with a start. He shot up so suddenly that a student walking by 
carrying a stack of PADDs screamed and dropped her research materials.

Santos shook his head and bent down to help.

"Thanks," said the cadet as Santos placed the last PADD in her arms.

"Sure," Santos said.

"What's your name? I'm Borran Tya."

"Nick Santos," Santos said, turning away and looking for a computer terminal. 
"I'll see you."

Santos pressed a button on the computer terminal and the monitor came to life.

"Identification, please," the mechanical male voice politely intoned.

"Santos, Dominic, five-seven-xray-zulu," Santos said absent-mindedly.

"That access code is not recognized. Abort, retry, or fail?"

"What?" Santos said, his attention back on the computer.

"Re-state your request. Do you require assistance with access? Have you 
forgotten your password? Do you wish to apply to join Starfleet Academy? 
Applications are available by downloading the .pad document at..."

"Computer stop. Access code Santos, Dominic, Cadet Third-Year, 3-6-7-Sierra."

"Access granted. Welcome, Dominic Cesar Santos. Please state the nature of your 
academic quandary."

"Computer, please tell me if any of the following students are currently inside 
Sulu Library."


Minutes later, Santos was on the tenth floor of the library, watching a student 
study a large computer terminal and recite notes into his PADD.

He walked up behind the other cadet and stood until the cadet turned to stare 
at him.

"Hello," Santos began. "You're Highwaij."

The cadet nodded, a bit perplexed. "That's right. And who are you?"

"I'm Dominic Santos. We've never met, but we've served together on the same 
starship for years."
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