[USS Vanguard] Medical Emergency Heard

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Dr. Xristha Droin
Can we use transporters? I can't recall. This post is assuming we can.
Xristha was juggling. It wasn't fun, but it was something she regularly found 
herself doing. This time she was discussing the skeletal medical crew on the 
Vanguard and the triage units on the planet while she was hurrying to the 
transporter room.
"Doctor, a report just in from the field. They are requesting cargo bay two be 
converted to emergency medical." Nurse Scanlon said.
"Who builds a ship without emergency medical holographic interfaces?" Xristha 
cursed. "Computer, Initiative Medical Access Code: Alpha One." 
"Medical Access Code: Alpha One initiated. All crew trained in medicine and 
related sciences are to report to designated emergency medical stations." The 
Computer chimed.
Xristha spoke to Scanlon as she entered the transporter room. "Increase the 
emergency medical supplies to the triage units. Keep me informed." She stepped 
onto the pad. "Energize." She vanished in a whirl of light.
Her senses returned to her near the triage unit. She noticed Cynan and Kieran. 
She ran over to them. "Status?"
Cynan spoke. "We've got two pretty serious and one critical. The rest of us 
have minor injuries." He was wincing through pain.
"Minor, huh?" Xristha said. She helped move them into the triage tent. As they 
entered Des walked past them smiling slightly.
Xristha entered the unit. "How's it going?" She asked Jaav.
Jaav spoke sarcastically, "I'm about ready to start relying on voodoo."
Throwing a medical kit at the Counselor Xristha smiled. "Let's try this first."
Slowly the scout teams returned and Xristha's hands ran across dismembered 
limbs, cuts, bruises, and pains. Her mind was closed from the psychological 
trauma that was around her. Her gifts were muddled with blood from too many 
Her mind was focused on treating and releasing. Some of the major cases were 
sent to the Vanguard where more advanced medical technology awaited.
She was not surprised at Jaav's effort. He was a trooper.
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