[USS Vanguard] Locked and Loaded

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LTJG Luke Miller
during "the rumination of trees" and "Archery"
Holodeck One

Luke ran and dove behind a crate, the report of a late twentieth sentry
pistil finally going quiet some where behind him. He stood up and looked
around. he did not see anyone. the dock he was on was quiet and still. then
he saw him. Fifteen feet away and a little to the right, a big man rounding
a corner. Luke started to bring up his gun. He did not have time to aim, he
was just milliseconds a head of the man. Bang, the man dropped, with a hole
in his chest. 

Luke did not have time to see if any of the dead man's friends were
following still. he started to run towards the boarding plank of the USS
Magic. He ran on to the deck and crashed through a door and found him self
face to face with a shocked crewmen. Luke brought up and around his right
arm and clubbed the man on the side of the head. The man was unconscious
before he hit the wooden deck. 

He started a fast but quiet walk down the hall. He stopped when the hall
turned to the right, and found him self looking at the turned back of a man.
the man just started to take a step when Luke sprung. Luke rapped his arm
around the man's neck and put his gun to his head. "Where is it?" Luke
asked. "Where is what?" the man answered back. "You know exactly what." Luke
said as he tightened his grip around the man's throat. "Ok Ok, it is on the
bridge. just don't hurt me." Luke uttered "Thanks." just before hitting the
man into unconsciousness. 

Luke started to run down the hall again. then he heard crying. he skidded to
a halt in front of a door. he opened it cautiously and found two people in
side. "Who, who are you?" one of them asked wile backing up. "My name is
Luke. I am here to rescue you. I work for the CIA." a woman stopped crying
in one of the corners "rescue?" "That's right. Now, stay here. You will be
safe. I have to take care of something..." Luke said before closing the

Luke started to run down the hall again. Before he new it he was climbing
stairs and entering the bridge. He looked around. he started to walk towards
the glass front that gave a 180 degree view of the front of the ship. Then
he saw it. On the floor behind the helm, a bomb. Luke saw that it had eight
seconds displayed on the count down clock. He shot out the glass and through
the bomb out the window. Luke dove to the deck bracing for the explosion. He
counted down in his head. 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1.... =/\=Commander
Quetan, to lieutenant Miller.=/\= "Miller here." =/\=Please report to the
transporter room for an away mission.=/\= "On my way." 

Luke got up. "Computer exit program." He walked out of the holodeck and
right past Commodore Santos. Luke was just about to say hello when he saw
the Commodore's face. he looked lost in thought. Luke doubted that he even
realized Luke was there.  So, Luke just kept going to the transporter room. 

Luke walked in and saw Commander Quetan, Leah and Sam McCaw. "Hi everyone."
Luke said happily. everyone responded just as cheerily. Quetan started "Our
mission is to locate the largest settlement on the planet and learn what we
can about their people. Instead of cloaking suits, we will wear period
clothing and blend in among the populace." She walked over to one side of
the room and picked up a pile of clothing. she handed some to everybody.
Quetan was already in hers. "All right, you have 5 minutes to get back

Everyone went to change and was back in 3 minutes. everyone got on the
transporter pad. "Energize..."

Ooc- yup, that means I am in for this mission. 

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