[USS Vanguard] Last of the Great Party Animals

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 OFF: eeeks!! was away for a while and everyone's back!! YAY!!
Jazz walked into her office and sat down. She had to get used to a starship 
agian. She was about to walk to the replicator when she heard something 
beeping. She followed the beep to a desk and picked up the padd. It was 
activated on her entering. It had a She'ra Khan signature on it. It also said 
to "Lt. Mandrake."  She opened it and read.
"None of this is your fault. I left because I felt like I needed some time to 
think. Sometime to mature and that time cannot involve you.. But no matter 
what...I love you and I will try and return as soon as I can. I will keep in 
touch. "
Jazz had tears streaming down her face she could not finish reading it... 
"computer, Locate Lt. mandrake."
There was the usuall sound made then " Lt. Mandrake is located in the crew 
Jazz headed to her quarters then to the party. As she walked in she walked over 
to the bar and spoke to the bartender, "Point me in the direction of Lt. 
The woman smiled eveily and pointed to a rugged looking man. Jazz thanked her 
and walked over to him, "Lt?"
When her turned around she smiled, "This was left in my new officer for you." 
She handed him the PADD and walked siffly away. She needed a drink.
Lt. JG Jazz "Rixx" Falcon


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