[USS Vanguard] Into the Lion's Den.

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Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
Indri VIII.
After "Mything Artifacts" (Alex/Sam).

Into the Lion's Den.

[Coba Del Ray]
"Kieran, you've with me. Sam, you have the bridge."

He'd chosen Kieran as he was for all intents and purposes of this
mission, the expert, and himself as he was aware and had studied such
artefacts before. Sam would remain to monitor the situation above orbit
and feed down any information that may become relevant. Besides, Cynan
knew that although Sam would be gutted he was being left behind, he
also loved being behind the wheel of the Coba del Ray.

"Sam, can we get any detailed scans of the area before we beam down?"
asked Cynan.

"From this distance, and to avoid detection, I'm afraid not. There is
too much interference." replied Sam.

"I believe the term is, we will have to 'wing it' then?" Kieran
optimistically suggested.

"Quite" Cynan said smiled. "Let's get suited up."

[USS Vanguard]
Meanwhile aboard the USS Vanguard, each department of each division was
being informed of the bare essentials of the ships mission - to travel
to the Borg home world, and if any were to choose to opt out then they
had until 11:00 hours to vacate and head down to Earth.

Zena Quetan was on route to the Science department, mulling over the
Captain's words and thought how best to convey the news to her staff.
As she walked she passed Sick Bay and peered in. Xristha was perched on
the edge of a bed explaining to the rest of the medical staff standing
around her. Most of them looked frightened, some unsure, however one
looked very determined to go. Zena smiled wearily and hoped her
briefing would go as well.

Noticing a member of staff looking past her, Xristha turned her head
round to see Zena just walking past the far window of Sick Bay. Her
thoughts wondered for a moment then to her friends, if they'd pull
through this mission like the countless missions gone before, to Cynan,
if she would see him again and if he was thinking of her.

In truth, Cynan was not. Although the mission would prove dangerous to
everyone, he had welcomed the distraction. He wanted Xristha yes, but
he did not want the heartache that went with it that he was feeling

Taking a breath, Xristha composed herself and turned back to the crowd.

[Indri VIII]
"Get back" Cynan spoke softly, waving his hand towards the wall as he
peered around a corner. "There are two Cardassians sitting around what
looks like a game, and another walking the perimeter. Suggestions?"

[To Be Continued...]

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