[USS Vanguard] Friends Are Just Enemies You Haven't Made Yet

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  • Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 22:58:36 +0100

Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: The Moon of Araki, Vulcan Moon.
Time: After "Stained" (Me) and "Starbase Brigadoon" (Andy).

Subject: Friends Are Just Enemies You Haven't Made Yet.

[The Moon of Araki]
Nearly a week had gone by, and still Mandrake was just being sent on petty 
errands that he'd have said he could do blindfolded. However, he was sure that 
York would soon assign him onto his personal team if he continued to impress.

His next job was a pick-up. He had been told to take a 'vacation' (his cover) 
over on a select Vulcan moon that was once home to several prestigious Vulcan 
families. They were long gone however and the moon now was just dirt and ash. 
It was a dig site and the pick-up was to acquire (read: steal) several 
priceless artifacts.

[Vulcan Moon]
As he'd suspected, the job was a piece-of-Desdemona's infamous pie. The guards 
that had been in orbit were quickly disabled and the ones on the ground, 
taken-out before landing.

There was however, an unexpected event.

The artifacts had all been loaded aboard. Mandrake, still outside the ship, was 
checking that everything had been taken care off, when a familiar face popped 
their head up from between the wood-work.

Kieran: "Cynan..? HEY CYNAN! WHATS GOING ON!?"

Mandrake turned to see Darkwater sliding down from the cliff face to his far 
left. He must have been researching some of the more secluded caves around the 
back of the main structure.

"I've no time for this", Mandrake thought and just reached for his side-arm and 

"Hellfire!" Kieran cried as he dived for cover behind a rock, hair smoking from 
a very near miss.

Before Kieran could take in what had happened around him and go take a closer 
look, the bay doors on Mandrakes ship were closing and had lifted up, blasting 
off into space.

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