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Lt jg Ceelak Nostrova
Exchange Officer

Ceelak rubbed her hands in glee. She had never anticipated such a delight -
EARTH. She would have a chance to really observe humans in their homeworld.

All over the Vanguard there was talk of going home. This was unfortunate as
Earth was far from Ceelak's home, but the opportunity to learn more and to
report more to her people was, well, too much to cause her to feel saddened
by her own distance from family and hearth.

She wondered if she could find some member of the crew who would take
her/him under his/her wing for this visit. If not, she was prepared to
explore on her own, but it would be so much easier if someone would show her

Again, Ceelak had a problem She was had kept to herself too much. A temporal
specialist just didn't get out much. She actually wasn't sure just what she
did on her job either,  but that never bothered Ceelak. She had obviously
not blown up the ship and, therefore, she must have done her duties

Perhaps Lt. McCaw might have time to show her around. Or maybe the doctor.
No, the doctor had plans. She was certain she'd heard her mention it.
Actually, she thought she'd heard someone else mention it. The ship was a
hotbed of rumors sometimes.

And that was another story - rumors. Ceelak always had trouble sorting out
the truth. Earth people had odd ways, very odd ways. And the just stayed at
one sex, too. Most odd.

"Well," she thought to herself, "I have heard some of them bounce around a
little, but not quite as quickly as Alorians."

With a blink of her eye, Ceelak left her quarters looking like any ordinary
male officer. He was going to see if anyone would feel sorry for him - so
far from home.


My apologies for my silence. I've had to get a new computer and now I'm
trying to figure out what everything is. Andrea

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