[USS Vanguard] Come Again, and Stay

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  • Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 18:56:32 -0800 (PST)

**Desdemona / Trevor Elis**
**     USS Vanguard      **
**  after Home and Away  **

"Are you sure you won't go?"  Elis stood by the door
in his overcoat, his small bag packed.

Des leaned against the opposite wall, hands on her
slender hips.  She shook her head, her smile never

"Earth hasn't been home for me in a very long time,"
she said, idly playing with the rings she wore on a
delicate chain around her neck.

Elis nodded, leaned in, and kissed her on the cheek. 
"I'll be coming back," he whispered impusively.

She only offered her sphinx's smile, and said softly,
"We'll see."

He turned and walked out the door, and as it whisked
shut behind him with a soft mechanical hiss, he
wondered if he would be walking back through it again.
 There were so many threshholds he'd crossed for the
last time; when would he learn how to stay?

He had a lot to think about during his short stay on
Earth; he would of course be visiting his late wife's
family and a few old friends, but mostly he wanted
some time away from the Vanguard, and admittedly, from

He was glad that she declined his offer to accompany
him, suspecting that her reasons were the same as his;
he needed time to consider Santos' offer with a clear
head.  She had made it clear that if he were to stay
on as the ship's xeno-botanist, it would be for his
own sake, not hers.

He smiled at the memory of her, that damn,
insufferable El-Aurian.  Even as the shuttle cleared
the bay and headed towards the planet's surface, he
was missing her.


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