[USS Vanguard] Children of the Past/Offspring

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Santos looked toward the group of people who claimed to be their descendants
and sighed, grinning.

"Let's go."

Shar followed slightly behind Santos, scanning the area for threats. He
doubted he'd find any, but it was simply an automatic response to being in a
new situation. He was amazed at the beauty of this new world, and wasn't
quite sure how to take the 'being an ancestor' to them part. Hell, he'd only
been onboard for less than a month! Probably there were no decendants of his
around here. For all he knew, he'd died shortly after... whatever happened
to land them here had happened. He made a mental note to ask exactly what
had occured, and if he'd survived or not.

'Shar...' He heard a whispered voice, and started at the sound, phaser
half-drawn before he realized... 'Its me... and you... sort of. Welcome.
Hehehe...' The voice trailed off, but it was obviously his own voice.
Different though. Rougher, more... seasoned. It still had a lilt of laugher
to it though.

"Shar? Something wrong?" Droin asked, turning to look at him holding his
phaser, tensed.

"Uhm.." He cleared his throat nervously, and re-holstered the weapon.
"Sorry... I think I just.. Excuse me, Counsul McCaw. Do I still... did I..
Am I here.. other than right here?" He stumbled. McCaw smiled warmly.

"Of course, Shar. Yes... you.. It wouldn't surprise-astound me if your
future self contacted-talked to you. Or it could have been one of your
decendants-children. But it sounds like something you'd attempt-do. I can
have someone take you to meet... you... a bit later if you'd like? I know he
would like to see you.."

Shar rubbed the bridge of his nose. He was still alive.. and he had
'Decendants'.. this was not turning into a normal day at all.

"Thank you, Counsul. I.. get the impression from my alternate self that it
would be beneficial to meet at some point..." He spoke formaly, with intent.
This was too damned weird...

<OFF> I figured since Shar is 25 right now, and its somewhere between 75 and
150 years, he'd still be kicking around. This is assuming that, like
Vulcans, the average life-span of a Romulan is about 200 years, give or take
a few. The other fun part is.. who does Shar end up with?

Kudos to Andy on this mission. Lots of fun ways to have some interesting
character development and plot twists here and there. I love it.

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