[USS Vanguard] A stir of echoes

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  • Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 01:00:50 -0700 (PDT)

*Desdemona Barrett-Brown*
*  Event Horizon Lounge *
*  after ?Man?s World?  *

After spending an intolerable two hours trying to
study up on late-twentieth century Earth history, Des
decided to call it quits.  She had some knowledge of
the era, but her departure from Earth had been in
1890.  She had not been back since, and was surprised
to find herself apprehensive about returning.

It occurred to her that she did not know where exactly
on earth they would be going.  She supposed that would
be covered in the briefing.  Along with--she
hoped--what was expected of her on this mission.  With
that, her thoughts turned to Elizabeth Merchant.  Nick
had vaguely mentioned her once or twice, but she knew
next to nothing about the woman.  What was her game? 
And why did she want Des to be one of the players?

As for the time travel itself, Des was more than a
little uneasy.  Most other life forms, especially
terrestrials, tended to define their universe by what
their senses told them; what they saw, heard, touched,
smelled and so forth.  If something appeared to be one
way, a human would tend to accept it as ?real? and
?normal.?  The El-Aurian was sensitive to reality and
space-time in a way humans were incapable of
understanding.  Q understood, for they had a similar
perception, though his own understanding of the
universe went far deeper than hers.  Des had seldom
ventured to travel across time, and it was always with
Q?s protection.  His powerful mind helped buffer her
from the disorientation she felt at being outside of
her own timeline.

Des glanced around the empty lounge, sighing.  She
hadn?t thought of her one-time traveling companion in
a long time, and she was again surprised at how much
she missed him.

She poured herself a drink, and raised the glass to
the empty room.  ?To Earth,? she said, ?Ye Old Terra.?
 She drained the cup.


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