[USS Vanguard] A log

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Lt. Highwaij
USS Vanguard - Bridge
Following: the Captain's .USS  (no subject).

The USS Vanguard was underway with all hands, and Dominic Santos walked aft
of the bridge.
He made up his mind about something that had been plaguing him and  turned
to the Communications console.

 "Mr Highwaij, you have the bridge."

 "Aye, sir, Communications Officer has the bridge," Highwaij replied.

Highwij smilled is was a long time ago since the last time he had the bridge
as he sat down in the Captain's chair. Now he knew why it was hard to get
command over this ship / bridge the chair was very comfertable

"Computer open duty log" Highwaij said

"Duty log opened" the computer replayed

"Stardate 90123 Chief communications duty log,
we're proceding according to schedule, the crew has
finnaly some off-duty time but we can't leave the ship, most of the
crewmembers are found
on the holodecks and in the Event Horizon.

Right now Captain Santos has left the bridge and left me in command,
I hope he knows what he's doing.perhaps I should change his chair with mine"
Highwaij said
smilling he didn't like being serious when updating his logs.

I've invided Tails to join me for a holodeck simmulation, but with our luck
at the time we're in the holodeck we're needed back on the bridge, it has
been to going to
easy the last few weeks, not even a message from command"

Then Highwaij noticed one of the officers strange behavior "Computer end
he said

"Yes Ensign anything " Highwaij said

"No sir, I thought I saw something, must have been my mistake" he replayed

Highwaij turned to the Tactical officer "Keep you're eyes open" he said

"I've been looking into the logs allready proberbly something in the system"
the Tac. officer replayed

"Engineering whould love this, inform them and Operations and ask them to
look at it" Highwaij said
"Inform me if you see anything" Highwaij sat down again and looked out to
the vieuw screen

Lt. Highwaij
Chief Communications Officer

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