[USS Vanguard] A New Arrival

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Exchange Officer
Ceelak Nostrova
Place: Federation Shuttle/USS Vanguard
Time: Whatever's Appropriate

Ceelak Nostrova sat in the shuttle and completely ignored the looks the
other occupants were giving her. Her perfume smelled like a fragrant
Hawaiian flower from earth, newly kissed by the dew. There was no
indication that she was an officer. She was wearing a flowing yellow dress,
soft and delicate. Her feet were sporting silver sandals and her long,
shapely legs were crossed at the knee.

The three male ensigns in the shuttle tried their best not to stare, but
Ceelak simply invited attention in this small place. Even though she was an
attractive female, her light blue skin color turned heads. Especially since
that blue skin was combined with greenish blond hair and the darkest green
eyes the good Lord ever made.

Ceelak stretched and the ensigns immediately glanced out the window. She
smiled. This was one Alorian who loved attention. Although her people were
not known for mixing much in the Federation, she had been with a delegation
that had spent some time with Federation representatives. She was getting
used to them. Well, maybe. There were some things one just didn't get used

The shuttle banked slightly and the pilot announced, "Arriving at USS
Vanguard in 10 second. Prepare for docking. Please do not leave you seats
until the doors open. You will be met by security and told what to do next.

Ceelak reached down and retrieved her bag. It was medium-sized and made out
of an odd silver material. Inside were her personal belongings. She was
traveling light. Alorians liked clothing and the finer things of life, but
she hadn't wanted to lug too much on the long journey to the Vanguard.

The Vanguard ... she wondered how her crew would feel about meeting an
Alorian. Most wouldn't even realize her planet existed. She thought about
the blue foliage and bright green skies of home. How she longed for the
waterfalls and lakes, for a glimpse of the exotic birds which flew in the

She felt a slight nudge as the shuttle landed and watched as the doors
opened. The ensigns stood up but didn't move. Ceelak would have preferred
being last out, but it was obvious they were waiting for her.

She stood, smoothed down her skirt and moved past them, giving them all a
radiant smile and a whiff of Hawaii. Her first view of the Vanguard,
though, was not very reassuring. A big burly security officer stood in her
way and looked down on her.

"Are you a civilian?" he asked.

"I am Thra'Kran Ceelak Nostrova, exchange officer, and a far cry from a
civilian," she said. "My orders."

She handed the PADD to him. The officer wasn't quite sure how to respond.
He had no idea what her rank translated to. Just in case she was an admiral
or something, he straightened up slightly as he looked at her orders.

"Very good, er, Sir," he said. "You're to report in to the captain upon
arrival. The petty officer here will take you up."

"Thank you," Ceelak said.

She adjusted her bag and followed the officer away from the shuttle.

"I trust," she said to herself, "that the captain of this vessel will offer
much more entertainment than I have just seen here."


Ceelak Nostrova
Exchange Officer

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