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  • Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 14:52:47 -0500

As the school year winds donât forget to renew your CIS lease.
Changes and enhancements to CIS for next year include:â
Revisions to the Programs of Study and Training titles.  Updating this 
index will result in the grouping of similar programs of study, adding 
some programs and generally refining the list to more accurately reflect 
the program offerings at postsecondary schools and colleges.
New tools on the CIS Administratorâs site- This will help you create 
reports and screen views useful for coordinating your siteâs portfolios.
Occupational Wage data has been expanded to give you the option of viewing 
wage information for different states.
CIS will be available via the internet only. 

New add-on features for next year include:
Dependable Strengths-The widely-accepted and tested Dependable Strengths, 
a tool used in identifying work-related skills and strengths will be an 
optional add-on to CIS.  The six-step Dependable Strengths Process, 
developed by Bernard Haldane, PH.D., leads the user through identifying 
past good experiences, translating these to personal strengths, 
determining a career path using their top strengths, and selecting 
occupations that fit into that career path.  The on-line version of the 
program is engaging, easy to use, and users can store data and return to 
it at a later session for further exploration.
Thomson Petersonâs Academic Practice Test Package â This package provides 
students and clients an opportunity to prepare for many of the aptitude 
and academic qualifying tests most widely used in the United States.
Practice tests available include:
o       PSAT
o       SAT
o       ACT
o       GED
o       CLEP
o       ASVAB
o       Civil Service exams for 10 different occupations.
The practice tests offer content, conditions, and difficulty similar to 
the real thing.  There are two or three full-length choices for most of 
the practice tests, giving usersâ extended practice experience without 
using the same set of questions.  Most of the tests also feature a 
bookmark, letting the user return to a partially-completed test when 

To renew your lease to CIS you can:
       Email your order to khill2@xxxxxxx
       Complete the on-line order form found at:
       Fax your order to: 402-472-5907
       Mail your order to: NCIS, P.O. Box 880552, Lincoln, NE  68588-0552

Donât forget to register for user training. Itâs FREE!  The training 
schedule can be found at 
Attending a training session will help you get the most of CIS and how it 
can help you with your students and clients!!

Kassandra Hill
Account/Information Specialist
Nebraska Career Information System
421 Nebraska Hall
Lincoln, NE  68588-0552

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