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  • Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 15:59:50 -0500

Good afternoon to all CIS users.  
This is the first edition of Nebraska Career Information System's NEW 
e-Newsletter.  We are developing this newsletter as a way to keep you 
updated on improvements and changes to CIS.
In future additions we will be providing you with CIS Tips and Tricks, 
career education information and MORE!!

 You may have noticed that IDEAS has received a face lift.  Now, instead 
of presenting a list of questions for users to answer, one question at a 
time is presented.  Also, IDEAS is now available in Spanish.  To use the 
Spanish version, click on the IDEAS link and in the upper right hand 
corner of your screen is an "Espanol" icon that changes the directions and 
assessment into Spanish or back to English.   Work is being done to make 
O*NET Profiler available with the same format and Spanish capability.

Career Education Activities:
New to CIS this year is the addition of an On-line  Learning Activities 
Sort.  This new sort allows you to select career education activities 
based on:
 Education Level
 Career Clusters
 Career Fields 
 Career Planning 

Below is a list of links to websites which we believe will be useful to 
you and your students.

America's Career Resources Network - Resources for parents, counselors, 
and students to make best use of talents, interests, and get the education 
and skills needed for college and work.  U.S. Dept of Education

A Parent's Guide to Career Development -  Articles discussing how parents 
can play a part in the career planning process.  National Association of 
Colleges and Employers

A Parent's Guide to Transition:  What Happens After High School? - 
Information to help parents help their disabled children through the 
changes that will occur after leaving high-school.  Sponsor - Parents 
Let's Unite for Kids, U.S. Dept of Ed through the Montana Center on 

Guidance Resources Homepage - Extensive lists of internet links related to 
school counseling and much more.  Compiled by a retired guidance director 
and counselor.

Many of the improvements made to CIS come from our users, please contact 
us with any suggestions you may have on how to improve CIS.  Also, please 
feel free to contact us with any information you would to see in our 

Thank you,

NCIS Staff

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