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Greetings fellow classmates


Would any of you have JAWS instrucvtion notes on Microsoft word 2007 for the
email and for the word documentsplease?


If so I would be eternally grateful fi you could email them on to me.


Thanks very much.


See you all Wednesday.


Kind regards


Tina Lowe
Disability Access Officer
Access & Lifelong Learning
Level 1 
James Joyce Library Building

Ph: 01 7167564
Fax: 01 7167503
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Hi Stuart
Yes i can go on the 14th instead of the 15th of March. Also, I will be
available to go to the iPhone demonstration on thursday.
Thanks Stuart

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Subject: [NCBI_ECDL_class] Some important information for the ECDL class
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> Hi everyone,
> We have a couple of class updates that I would like to share 
> with you in this email.
> 1. Joe and I attended the annual conference of the Irish 
> Computer Society (ICS) on Friday last. ICS are the body who 
> oversee the running of ECDL and a number of other technology 
> related training programmes in Ireland. This event gives 
> technology trainers and centre coordinators important updates on 
> the latest trends in ICT training, ECDL developments and other 
> related activities. There is a new ECDL syllabus in development 
> stage and it promises to be very exciting and will offer even 
> more choice than at present.
> 2. On Thursday 19th April, ICS and NCBI would like to jointly 
> host an event to mark the significance of ECDL training at the 
> centre, and to recognise the achievement of all of you as 
> students who have undertaken or who are undertaking the 
> certification. I will give you more information nearer to the 
> time but for now, please make sure you are available on that evening.
> 3. We need to change the date for class next week, and are 
> proposing Wednesday 14th March instead of Thursday 15th. Please 
> let Joe or myself know if this may pose a problem for you.
> 4. Finally, this coming Thursday NCBI are running a mobile 
> devices information evening, from 6:00 pm, for about 90 minutes. 
> As part of this event we are testing some new technology that 
> will allow us to open it up to a virtual audience, comprised of 
> other NCBI service users around the country, who will join us 
> via the internet, to partake in the evening's seminar.
> The subject material will focus on three types of accessible 
> mobile phones, Android, iPhone and Cymbian. There will be three 
> presentations on the evening with time for questions at the end 
> of all three.
> We have invited a number of service users in the Dublin area to 
> join us on the evening, but I also wanted to open this event up 
> to the Thursday ECDL group, so, if any of you would like to 
> attend, you would be more than welcome to do so, instead of 
> having a regular class.
> If anyone has any questions on the above please reply to this 
> email and I will be able to answer them via the class list.
> Kind regards,
> Stuart.
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